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I've got a knockoff one and it works great. It's been plugged in for months and hasn't burnt out and I use the xbox pad as a mouse with xpadder.

I had trouble getting the drivers to work at first and couldn't get my pad to sync but it turned out that the pad was broken. If you install the genuine microsoft drivers when you plug in the fake unit you can then choose the microsoft drivers for it. Or if you want to complicate things find out the USB id of the fake device and edit the .inf file and change/add its id.

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Kotor is rubbish - but is it worth doing Tie Viper Vs Schwing? I'm very up for it. Could it be evem doo-able on an 360 pad with xpadder/that other one? I loved Tie Fighter, but Kotor is crap, it's like balancing your cheque book, whatever that is.

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Are there any religeous sites where I can go to spout something babyish and get reasonablly clever people to waste hours of their time providing me with information I'm not remotely willing to understand?

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I'd suck the dogs arse to see if it was dispensing chicken and dumplings. If the results were less than satisfactory I'd leave it to burn and hopefully recover it later to see what dog meat tastes like. The boy and girl would have witnessed this so they will need to be silenced so I'd throw in a few satchel charges and double tap x.

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That Microsoft have a console that's beating a Nintendo one. Everything is soul crushing about it. Crap western games, achievements, first person shooters, driving games without red shells. All sickening. Microsoft have ruined games forever.

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Printed on the inside of every Haynes Manual:

Manual car: Man you are.

Auto gearbox: You wear ladies' frocks.

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I don't want a realistic Zelda. That footage looks like a better framerate version of the FMV you'd get on PS1 games. It's a good effort and that, but it's just bloody horrible. It's like CGI Jabba Doo Huttt.

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I like inverted x for third person cameras and I'm wondering if Mario 64 just taught it to me that way. Inverted Y first and third person. I remember having real problems with inverted X on Sleepy Dawgs because the stupid damn game kept the x inverted when you went into fire mode with the aiming reticule. It was a madness beyond human understandings.

I could never finish The Thing on the xbox because it didn't have tidy inverted controls. About 4 control schemes all of them diabolical in nature.