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I've been hoping for a thread like this but didn't want to start one. I'm at level 48, got there pretty fast, had great fun with it at the start, am winning most games, playing with friends, and as soon as I top out level 50 am planning on moving on. I feel like I've been there and done it already.

Also I don't know whether it's incredibly forgiving but it's got to the point where I'm the one who wins a lot of the time in fights where the other person shoots first and I'm thinking that shouldn't have happened and that guy/gal hates me now and thinks it's lag or something, which maybe it is. I've also started fannying about a lot while playing and am just trying to do acrobatics and get to mad places. Ideally I'd like the mechanics put into a sandbox game - Crackdown 3 with wallrunning and double jumping, yes please.

It's in no way a bad game but even with all the modes you'll be just be going through the motions within a week.

The worst thing was a friend bought it to play with me and some others without saying he was going to buy it and I didn't want to tell him I'm pretty much done with it.

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It not being a shitty xbone is reason enough. I need no more.

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@evo said:

Time Crisis?

Tom Cruises?

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Three years after having a 360 a friend gave me a PS2 and my dreary eyes opened and inside me this feeling started to spread. "I remember this feeling when playing games - it's having fun!" I thought.

The 360 is the worst console for games I've ever owned. Fable 2, Splosion Man and Crackdown are the only good games.

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why boring story about haircut?

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That beastie looks like that ED-209 boss from Axelay. Now I know what my girlfriend can have for her birthday: Engagement Ring: Special Edition. It's full of relief or dispair, just no ring.

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I love them because they make the best games and know achievements are piping hot dog shit.

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Jumping Flash and Titanfall are merging. Get me inta dat big mechanical wabbbittttt and hop between dem space islands. Oh yeah.

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Only if I had to goose step and Nazi salute in front of the Kinnect and got reprimanded if my Hugo Boss uniform wasn't immaculate. Each game comes with a set of QR code stickers to put on your books that you burn in rallies... I will do anything to get that achievement for dinner with the Fuhrer, even if it means turning over my own family to the Kinnect.

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Teh dogs' kennel shud also birn dawn when h'es a kid, and then latur the other dog's kennel should birn dawn and inside is a rubbar bone and when the dog skweeks the bone the bone shudd hav a messige saying "I birned yawr dad!"""" in skweeks and the bone shud catch fire so he ca'nt take it to the police and track the cribinal mastarmind. Then the man will want revednge and the dog will want refendge and they will bond and do a hi5 and set out to solve the crimes.

The dog can use his snout powurs to track down clews. One bit could be on a roof.