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Nope, SD is fine for my movies. Even with owning a HD TV I still rent SD movies on Zune as I find the HD not worth the premium, the same is true when I buy DVD's I just don't find the extra cost of Blu-Ray worth it.

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I thought it was funny, that lady has some balls.

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Well since there is no proof I guess they don't exist, just like the bible......Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Honestly I have no idea and neither does anyone else, but I'm always a person who hopes that stuff like aliens do exist. The fact that so many people are closed minded about stuff like aliens but then go to church just baffles me.

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Yep, I think its down in my basement somewhere.

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@Fajita_Jim said:

so it seems only logical to me that it's pronounced as "Gift" without the T.

Good way to put it.

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Santa Hat Time!

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@SuperSambo: What he said!

Also, really sweaty!

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That person cares to much about what other people think. Have some self-esteem, lots of people have it worse than some kid who lost some friends because he is gay. If your friends on facebook stopped being your friends because your gay, chances are they never were your friends just an acquaintance.

I get that this is supposed to be about "love everyone" blah blah blah. But that will never happen, people make judgments everyday so you might as well get use to it.

*Read to the end of page 2, and couldn't take the whining anymore.*

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I would imagine for the cost of one TV with this tech (TV, 2 Shutter Glasses, 2 Head Phones), I could just buy 2 50" Plasma's.

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One Night In Paris!