Addiction is putting it lightly...

So as all my friends know, and my wife hates, i am completely addicted to videogames. If i were to count how many systems i have had it would be about 19. Heres the break down... yes it is quite disgusting.

Atari 2600 : 55 games
Gameboy/Pocket/Advance/Sp: 40 games
NES: 75 games
Super Nintendo: 12 games
Nintendo 64: 15 games
Gamecube: 25 games
Playstation: 25 games
Playstation 2: 25 games
NEO GEO Pocket: 3 games
Virtual Boy: 1 game
Xbox: 19 games
PSP: 15 games
Xbox 360: 25 games
Wii: 12 games
PS3: 4 games
DS: 10 games
Not to mention several hundred games that i have purchased and taken back to Gamestop for credit to get new games.

Do the math, yeah thats an estimated 360 games for 19 systems. Thats a habit Kate Moss Couldn't touch.
The really sad thing is that i still have all but the Atari and the games for my NES. Everything else i still own, and i still play most of the recent systems (I have all 3 hooked up in my house, at the moment). I honestly can't help it. I really do know what its like to be truly addicted to something. If a new game comes out that looks pretty sweet and gets good reviews, i want it. Recently i have limited myself (much of it thru the help of my wife) to just getting maybe 1 game every couple months. Also Gamefly has helped A LOT to keep my addiction nailed down. However at the height of my addiction i was seriously buying a game a week. Now i really rely on the magazines that i get and the Podcast that i listen to, to feed my addiction b/c they come with demos for about 10 games each. So that helps a lot. I really am trying not to buy, but its very hard. If i had the money to blow right now, i could go to my local Gamestop and probably pick up about 20 games that i want to purchase.

So i guess what i am saying is... My name is WiFi Pirate, and i am addicted to games.