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Darkness 2 for PC is on sale via amazon for $25... BUT you can choose to use the code and unlock it/download via Steam. Same thing for Darksiders ($5). Bought both last night, and can confirm unlocking on Steam worked perfectly. Didn't know this was an option on amazon so I wanted to get the word out.

It's also worth saying it seems only specific games on amazon can be unlocked on steam this way. For example Witcher 2 is $15 but it doesn't seem like it will unlock on steam so I passed.


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Here is my "got hacked" back in August story. Basically Xbox support was a mess but after they screwed up and I got a little loud, they took care of me.

Did the normal support call, an investigation was started, they locked my account and said it would take something like 2-3 weeks. No big deal but a little over 3 weeks later I had got no email or call so I called back only to have someone tell me that the investigation was never started and that I would have to start all over. The bright side is that after giving that support tech an ear full and getting transferred around I was able to talk with someone who immediately unlocked my account and put $15 worth of SpaceBucks on it to compensate for the hackers purchases. Most likely no investigation was ever done but whatever, my account was fixed.

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Are games bought through Origin tied to my account (ie if my hard drive crashes can I re-download?) that I can move across new PC builds or OS re-installs . I read something about one time use serial numbers on the origin site which sounds...bad. Anybody know the specifics of Origins DRM?

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@Funzzo said:
" So us PC gamers can spend as much as xbox and ps3 user but we dont get DLC. Fuckin bullshit. "
So true.  It's funny cause EA thinks they are cutting out pirates (and I guess they are) but the way I see it they are cutting out some of their most die hard fans.  From my perspective (as a big video game fan) I want to play games with the best performance/highest quality.  The consoles are spitting out some sub 720p resolution while my PC is blasting dead space out at 1080p 100fps to the same HDTV.    Why on earth would I ever buy it on 360 or PS3?  It's not a pirate thing, it's not a fan boy thing, it's a "it's clearly better on this system so I am gonna play it here" thing.   So brilliant EA, cut out everyone who looked forward to dead space 2 so much that they specifically sought out the best version of it.   done ranting...
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I would be down, but no PC release squashes that idea.     I know PC sales dwarf consoles but I have a hard time with the thought that this DLC on steam couldn't turn a profit.    Especially with all the Mass Effect 2 DLC last year, wasn't that a success?   Damn pirates screw it up for everyone.

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@Vodun said:

" No Starbreeze? No thanks! "

For me it's more like Digital Extremes?  No thanks!     
If it was passed on to anyone else at EA I'd still have faith, but Digital Extremes, not so much. 
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makes sense.    The one that stands out for me as seeming a little high is Fall Out:NV

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@gladspooky said:

" Just because other sites are covering tweets doesn't mean you should, too. "

What's the difference between the community manager tweeting this info, or posting this info on their site or forum?    To me the only difference is posting it in the Bethesda's forums will take longer to get out in the wild.   Plus this is what twitter was built for, a public place where super fans follow and the user post little updates about their projects, then those updates trickle down to other fans.   This is interesting and creditable news that I am glad they posted.
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@Little_Socrates said:

" I don't think the world needs James Bond anymore. "

Blasphemy!  Bond has evolved and changed many times.   I  would hate to see it disappear forever and not be able to see how it continues to evolve.   I'd rather always give something a chance then to just say, no more!