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For those that missed it:

Compare and Contrast (With Ryan!)

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Watching wwe/24 right now (about wm30) it's pretty good so far!

If you still have the network check it out!!!

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ok guys WHAT IF somehow they save wrestlemania by using @gvaranini reigns/taker theory??? Just thinking about it now it's the one thing now that I wan to see in a Reigns/Lesnar Match!!!!

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On a completely different topic if you wanted that shirt that cesaro wore, you can get it here!

Dat Shirt!

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@myniceicelife: Oh shit I forgot about that WHATS BUBBA DOING IN THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH?????

Edit: Oh dear....

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Not really mad at the rumble match. (still they could have done better)

I'll give props to that triple threat match. Holy shit that was awesome!

Also Curtus Axel is the new maven.


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I have never went to any PAX primes or PAX East (I live in canada)

I know Pax Prime are a big thing but Pax east too? Why are they selling out too quick?

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@milkman said:

Brad Maddox is out of his cave and playing Mario Kart.


Also live around dallas tx? cause your getting wrestlemania next year!

Still none for Toronto :(

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@mosespippy if you still have some i'll take em I have 140 coins left to be plat!