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RIP Ryan, you will be greatly missed.

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@ravage484: agreed - don't really understand why they're not there.

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Cancelled my subscription. I only just got one this January & was really loving supporting WM's indie efforts. GB & Tested and their many crossovers were my favourite parts. Sad day :(

Trying to be optimistic tho - the thing it reminds me of is when games development companies break up or go under, the writers, designers and artists who I love pretty much always pop up again in other great games down the road, so I have faith that quality entertainment will still be made by these guys :)

...yeah, not so much up for giving my money to Gamespot et al tho - I haven't got any beef with them, but like so many others here I chose to support what WM were doing independently, not this.

(and also...immediately thought of Wayne's World when I heard this. It must be pretty exciting for the GB guys to be planning what they'll do with an extra cash etc. injection, but there's something to be said for the quality and charm that come out of a great crew having limited resources & making something amazing anyway :S )

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@Mutley: I'm having the exact same problem with the P4 run! Tho weirdly, several videos are throwing up that error but not *all* of them :S

Hopefully its something that's not too difficult to fix...

(OT: also, for some unknown reason my avatar image has disappeared o.o )