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Thanks so much for your work on this. I just got a Droid, and one of the reasons I was considering an iPhone instead was for the GB app. So this was a nice surprise to say the least.

My requests:

1.) Is there any way to have the app recognize when you're using a Droid (or another device with the same screen resolution), so that it uses the entire screen for the video instead of there being some black space to the right of the video?

2.) Is it possible to have the yellow text links in the articles stay in the app when clicked instead of opening the browser for those pages (only for GiantBomb articles, obviously).

That's all I can think of right now, and they're both probably tall orders not worth dealing with at this stage in the app. Just trying to throw that out there. In fact, I might be able to work on these requests myself in the near future. Thanks again for your work here. It's coming along very, very nicely.

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Keep in mind, guys and gals, that this wasn't meant to show you the gameplay, but the animation. It's an animation reel. So they may have been working on (or finished) some really good gameplay mechanics. It's impossible to say at this point, unless they give us at least a few minutes of consecutive gameplay to judge from.

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Duke Nukem Forever recent gameplay footage: