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@Stang: Oh hey, here's what some quick googling turned up. 

 Here's some findings from an 8-year University of Texas study that I had read...

An excerpt from the study author:

"What didn't surprise us was that total soft drink use was linked to overweight and obesity," Fowler tells WebMD. "What was surprising was when we looked at people only drinking diet soft drinks, their risk of obesity was even higher." 

"There was a 41 percent increase in risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soft drink a person consumes each day," Fowler says. 

One reason is that the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas create a negative hormonal response in the body that increases fat storing hormone production and increases cravings for more sweets and refined carbohydrates in the time period after consuming the diet drink.

Now, I haven't checked the credentials of the author of this article, one "Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer" and his site certainly seems to have an agenda -- eg. sell his book/newsletter. But CBS ran an article citing the same University of Texas study, with them saying:

 "What we saw was that the more diet sodas a person drinks, the more weight they were likely to gain," she says.

That finding was a big surprise, but it reflected what nutritionist Melainie Rogers saw in her work with obese patients in New York.

"When we would switch them on to diet soda off regular soda, we weren't seeing weight loss necessarily, and that was confusing to us," Rogers says.

So you could say while diet sodas don't have calories, they can increase calorie consumption by creating cravings through hormonal responses. In other words, they really are no better so you may as well drink what tastes good.
In any event, it's certainly an interesting subject to look into.
Links for the pages I pasted those quotes from: 
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What a ridiculous question -- is diet soda bad for you? Seriously? Soda is not "good" for you in any way, shape, or form. It goes without saying that the diet version of such a drink is also not "good" for you, either. What? Did they suddenly start enhancing sodas with Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium, and whatever term-of-the-month will grab the consumer's attention and convince them that, "This shit is good for me!", like "electrolytes".
Ohh do you mean is diet soda WORSE? Well then you might be asking a slightly more decent question. Which is the lesser of two evils? Normal are the lesser of two evils simply because they taste much better. If you're going to consume something that's not good for you in any capacity (cola is purely empty calories with no health benefits whatsoever, just in case you didn't already know), it may as well be for the taste.

There sure are a lot of people in here saying "I heard that such and such causes this".. Let's see some citations! Some evidence! None of this "Well a friend of a friend told me that cellphones can cure cancer if you dial 0-4-2-6-6-6 and sing the national anthem backwards" bullshit.
There's also been a bunch of "Sugar's better than these sweeteners cause it's not full of chemicals". That's great... if you were eatting sugar straight up vs sweetners straight up, but you're not. You're drinking a product that is full of chemicals regardless of whether it uses sugar or sweeteners. So arguing that sugar is somehow better in that capacity is like saying "Slashing your wrist with a sanitized blade is better than using a rusty one because you lessen the chance of getting rabies".

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@dbz1995 said:
" Why are people choosing Get Bent? Why did I put get bent as a possibility? Questions that have no answers. "
After reading this, I couldn't help but vote "Get Bent". Sorry, I know it was childish of me. Please don't hit me again. I'll be good this time, I promise.
I watched the ER and as to why I'm even in this thread it was to see why such a poll was created in the first place. Are you with GB's marketting division and trying to gauge what sort of things were holding potential viewers back from watching it so that you might be able to figure out some workarounds for future ERs? You sneaky marketing exec, you.
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@PenguinDust said:
" @lilburtonboy7489 said:
" There's always an enormous amount of atheists on video game forums.  A "
My same exact thoughts.  But that's okay since in the regular world, most people claim to have a belief in some sort of higher being.  "
"But that's okay since..." Wait.. so lots of atheists on a video game forum would be a BAD thing if that weren't the case? Huh? Because religion really matters when it comes to discussing games...?
From my own experiences with friends and family I've noticed many people when asked personally will answer atheist or agnostic, but they'll still go to weddings, celebrate religious holidays, etc. I'm the same. Perhaps that gives the impression that we all believe in some sort of higher being on a surface level, but the fact of the matter is we do those things because they are community or family events, not because they are religious. I have no problem with exchanging gifts with friends and family on Christmas, for example. I'm certainly not going to be thinking of Jesus Christ in any capacity while doing so (except perhaps to say something like "Christ, I really don't like that Away in a Manger song", but I think holidays such as Christmas are great times.
In any event, I went with Strong Agnostic, thinking it to be the closest to Agnostic Atheist the poll offers, but I've got to agree with the people who said "oh em gee! agnostic doesn't really belong here blah blah blah". Some of them were practically foaming at the mouth as they were denouncing the poll... it was sort of scary. Gods above and below, it's a friggin' poll on a video game site. Get over yourselves.
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Every time I think of doing the trials, I end up wishing that I could set it to accept incoming fight requests while doing them.. and then I go back to playing arcade mode while waiting for match requests. VS Matches would break the monotony of trying the same combo for the 100th time =/
Grats on having gotten so far with your list, though!

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" @Wildcard said:
" Kinda sad to see no "Depends on the drink" option...  "
I just wanted to know if it had any effect on you.  Depends on the drink is basically equivalent to Yes. "
By that logic, why bother with a "slightly" option, as slightly is a form of "yes", isn't it?
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Playing as Chun Li, I'd probably say Sagat is the most annoying. El Fuertes and Dhalsims aren't difficult so much as annoying... like fruit flies. Once you've fought one, you've fought about 99% of them.

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Kinda sad to see no "Depends on the drink" option... For example Monster Java or Red Bull have about the same effect on me as a cup of coffee -- that is to say none, while Rockstar Punched or Amped Overdrive definitely keep me going during the late night/early morning hours.
Perhaps it's as much a psychological placebo effect as anything, but I definitely notice different levels of energy gain from different drinks.

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@Falkenfluegel said:
" Of course, i mean, i m a gamer since the C64 times. We were young, we had no clue and everybody had a collection with 300 games, but no one of us ever saw a original game. Nowadays i don t pirate anymore, i earn my own money, buy the games i want and that s it. i dont have time for so many games anyway, so it s not that expensive. "
Back in the "good old days", my dad and I would swap the old Sierra adventure game disks with friends so that we'd get their copy of Leisure Suit Larry and they'd get our copy of Space Quest. We never really thought much of it.. or at least I didn't considering I was like 6 years old. But when I was able to afford my own games, I bought them and there just isn't enough time to bother playing the games I buy AND look for games to pirate. Besides, I'm a console gamer for the most part, and the idea of modding a system just to save a few bucks when I want to support the industry seems ludicrous.
That said, I have downloaded ROMs of some old NES/SNES fan-translated games like Final Fantasy 2 or Bahamut Lagoon as that was really the only way to play them back then.
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@RichardLOlson said:
" SNES had the better graphics for me.  Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Secret of Evermore! "
How could you list those and not include Final Fantasy VI?! For shame!
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