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It really depends on what kind of experience you are expecting going in. Since I don't have a console right now, I've been playing several of these, and some are not so bad. I love Gunbound as a game but it becomes unplayable after the beginner levels unless you pay up. 
Tiger Woods Online: I played through beta so I was already hooked in. I haven't put up the 40 bucks for a membership yet. As a golf game it's still playable as you can still get better through gameplay. It is annoying to only have one or two courses free to play at any time. 
Battlefield Heroes: I had never played the series before so I didn't really know what to expect. I'm enjoying it right now because its fun and there aren't many game-crippling advantages that come with paying. Better weapons, yea, but I can still get kills and contribute. 
I was excited about NFS World because I liked Most Wanted. I was OK with going back a few years. I'll probably play through to the cap, but then I'll put it aside. Haven't dropped any money yet and nothing to really make me want to.

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These are well-worn games, but i'll stick by Risk and Clue. Risk is the true representation of a board game: strategy, suspense and the ups and downs of an advancing story. Same with Clue...every mystery is fresh, especially with good players.

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Dance Central was the only game for the Kinect that grabbed me. I see it as a more advanced version of DDR

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So I just got a job today. YAY! What i'm excited about is what comes with the job: Food Stamps! Say what you will, but they will allow me, a college student in the Rio Grande Valley, to supplement what I buy with GOOD food. See what I mean when it premiers in a few weeks!