The top five games I'm really excited for in 2011.

I have to say that 2010 was definitely my favorite year for gaming so far. The games have been steadily been coming out throughout the months and I never got bored out of my mind. There were a real handful of games that I really loved playing this year and a few surprises like Deadly Premonition. 2011 is starting to look pretty good as well with a ton of games that looks really cool that I really want to get my hands on. Out of all the plethora of games that are being announced in most of the major events, there were five that really stuck out to me the most.
1. Dead Space 2 - I've played my share of survival horror games and for the first time in a long time I was actually pretty

 Umm...where's the run button??
scared to walk around the Ishimura because of fantastic lighting and very dark and dingy sounds of ship. Also the way they handled the zero gravity sections were my favorite parts of the game. You could only hear the breathing of Issac and grunts of when he is trying to escape the grips of the necromorphs make it feel very convincing. Dead Space is still one of my favorite games to take place in space. Dead Space 2 looks just as good if not more intense which I think is really a good move. Based on the E3 footage it seems that the pacing of the game is about the same, but when it comes to the more intense segments it felt more frantic. What makes a good frantic moment in a game is when you forget how to do some basic controls because of panic and such. At least thats what I hope it will do for me. Also the Collector's Edition looks really awesome, I mean who wouldn't want to own their own plasma cutter?
2. Bulletstorm - I know many of you were really turned off by the new developer video that was put out for the game. I can totally understand the hate of the excess cursing, the stereotype characters, and the stupid feeling that you get from a game like this. I get why that would turn many of you off, but that is why I'm still excited about it. Bulletstorm reminds me of those R-rated action movies that I used to watch when I was little. Sure they were dumb, had excess swearing, and a not so deep plot, but its all I want from it. Sometimes I don't want a deeply-textured, anti-hero characters in a overly complex plot with some kind of social/political commentary thrown in there about today's standards. I just want to go in shoot dudes with creativity and style with absurd insults that when they say it, it makes you scratch your head but still pretty funny. Its just looks like a stupid fun game to play.
 My childhood consisted of dismemberment and collecting rings.
3. Mortal Kombat - There were two games on the Sega Genesis that were my very first two games that I ever played. One of them was Sonic the Hedgehog and the other was Mortal Kombat. Playing Mortal Kombat with my older brother was one of my fondest moments of gaming and my childhood. We would play for who knows how long against each other and we would take turns trying to beat the arcade mode. I used to have the fatalities of most of the characters down in my head and unleashing them was absolutely a blast. So when they finally announced the new game, I was unabashedly excited. The other games were all fine but during the PS2 era, I stopped playing them because I had to memorize these juggle combos and the whole 8-step movement was too much to keep track of for me. Thankfully its going back to the 2D plane so I don't have to worry about sidestepping and such. My hopes for this game is not capturing the nostalgia, but I hope that there is incentive to play alone and taking it online. Also the fatalities must me as violent as possible, but I have no doubt that my wish will be fulfilled easily.
4. L.A. Noire - I don't really know much about this game, but I do remember it being talked about in a magazine and that was it. Sure enough one day I was thinking to myself "Hmm, I wonder what happened to that Noire game that had Rockstar's involvement?", then a few minutes later I go to Giant Bomb and there was a trailer. I really do wonder what its going to become. I have a feeling it will be Heavy Rain-esque, but not as complex as that game. Personally I wouldn't mind if it was just simply a mystery game by finding clues, interrogating people, finding evidence and other detective stuff. I hope that mystery(s) won't be easy to cater to the "casual audience" and be a real true challenge to solve because it would be nice to use my noggin for once. I just hope the story is compelling enough. My standard of a good mystery story is if I'm thinking about it really hard during the day and haven't even played the game that same day. I really have big hopes for this one.
5. Brink - This is the game that I am the most excited about. I really liked the idea of a movement system that flows seamlessly when controlling it and games like Mirror's
I'm jumping off this ledge! Wheeeeeeeee!
Edge while was imperfect in many aspects, at least established some type of foundation for this type of movement. Splash Damage seems to get the idea with the S.M.A.R.T. system in place, and the idea of it sounds really cool. If what they say about the system is spot on, it would result in no longer having to wait or position yourself for a context command in order to perform a tedious task such as jumping over a ledge. Just holding down the S.M.A.R.T. button is all you need. Whether the animations hold up is definitely the big question for me. As for the rest of game I totally dig the setting of an apocalyptic event and the creation of possible "hope" for humanity thus causing tension to the point of a civil war. Gameplay isn't something that I'm too worried about since it is being handled by Splash Damage. Having played team-focused games such as Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein and Quake Wars on the PC, they really know their bread and butter when it comes to objective-focused teamplay.
And those are my five games I cannot wait for; what are your thoughts on my list? What other games that are not on my list you looking forward to?

For once I'm actually excited for a Call of Duty game!

 Those were the days...
Generally I really do like the Call of Duty games (Well one and two to be more specific); shooting down nazis online in the first games were really fun as hell and one of the first PC games that I ever owned. Infinity Ward knows how to make pretty awesome games and Call of Duty 4 was definitely a game changer in terms of the multiplayer. With the idea of adding perks and being able to customize how you want to play the game was a really cool idea although it was definitely a flawed approach to it. Then World at War came out which helps refined the online play and added cool stuff like Nazi Zombies which generally made it better than Call of Duty 4.   
However, I wasn't exactly that stoked for Modern Warfare 2 as I anticipated. I knew what to expect an even better multiplayer mode and it did deliver on its changes. Although I couldn't help but feel like I kinda had to buy it because everyone else did, don't get me wrong I really thought the game was really cool, but I actually enjoyed the game less as I played it more. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't because of all the people that are good at that game, it wasn't the annoying kids, it wasn't even the gameplay itself (in fact I really love the gameplay...except Commando Pro, that can die) it turns out that I really had a strongly disliked almost all the maps in the game. The maps just felt overwhelming at times. Its like you have to pay attention to so much at a time and the only reason why you died is simply because you didn't pay attention to that one corner out of you eye and someone just stood there and took you down. Of course when the $15 dollar map packs came out it didn't help much either, in fact with the amount of Modern Warfare 2 that I played buying the map packs never crossed my mind at all, it just didn't seem that right to charge that much. Next thing you know the Infinity Ward drama occurred and was definitely a tangled mess. With Infinity Ward just kind of there now, Treyarch must have decided to use this as an opportunity because when I heard the announcement of Black Ops, I was very intrigued. 

Granted I was skeptical about this like many other fans were, but I read into the specifics more and more I started getting really excited about a Call of Duty game for once in a a long time. It seems that they are taking what the previous game did but instead of taking the same formula and simply rehashing it once more, they decided to make it into something more interesting and fun. I'm so glad they decided to do a points system for purchasing what you want and all you have to do it simply unlock the rights to purchase them by leveling up (Thank God its not with real money!). I know that other games have done this before (can't think of them on the top of my head), but I'm glad for change. It sounds like its more liberating and now you get to somewhat decide what kind of player that you are. I'm also really like the Wager match idea as well. As someone that does enjoy himself some gambling this sounds like most the frustrating thing and the coolest thing ever. Most likely I'm going to be swearing like a sailor, but still enjoy myself. I am a bit sadistic that way. Also no Commando Perk, words can't describe how happy this makes me. My hope is that I enjoy the maps because thats what really killed the experience for me in Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2. I also plan on getting the Hardened Edition because of that sweet medal and SteelBook case. I can't believe I'm saying this but I really can't wait for this game to come out.
I know that there are many of you that REALLY hated Modern Warfare 2, so for those that plan on buying it are you excited as well?

Excitement: Games of 2010!

I remember a few years ago in 2007 when winter season came after the holiday season was jampacked with all of these games that I have acquired and my Christmas was full of gaming holiday joy. Then January struck which left new releases in a barren wasteland. In fact the only new game that I could think of that was of at least some significance was Lost Planet. Sad part was that I was still stuck with my PS2 so I literally had zero games to play during the freezing months until God of War II came around in March. With that said I'm excited that a ton of games are coming out in January. Even though that most games have retreated due to Modern Warfare 2 the holiday season still did really well and now we have all this awesome shit coming out in January! And even after January there are still games coming out in the latter months of 2010!
So here is a list of all the games I am excited for and are in no particular order of the level of excitement that I have for each game: 


Ever since I played the demo, the more I played it, the more I got excited about the game. The things that I'm impressed with is the overall look of the game, it looks very fantastic. Also add the fact that it runs surprisingly smooth throughout my playthrough of the demo and not once did the framerate hitch on me. I also enjoy the combat to where you could get away with some button mashing but if you rely on it too much you will get hurt more than you think so you have to dodge and I felt rewarded thanks to the Witch Time if you dodge at the right time. As weird as this next sentence sounds, I found Bayonetta to look rather great without looking like Ivy from Soul Calibur IV...yikes. With all of this said now I really can't wait for it to come out on January 5th. 
*I also have the battle theme stuck in my head and its not going away! 


Final Fantasy XIII


I was gone for a few days on vacation but I luckily got the chance to watch the E3 Microsoft Conference when they announced it for the Xbox 360. I had a major nerdgasm that day and I really kept hoping to hear more about a release date only to be dashed away when Youichi Wada that it will be "simultaneously released in Europe and North America, at launch". I was like "Okay? SO when is the launch date?" and that was it. So I was pretty bitter after that and one day I watched the video with that one guy talking and the video revealed it was going to be released in March 9, 2010. I had my second nerdgasm and this time I needed clean up on aisle 5! Now that I read the 200th issue of Game Informer and got even more info about it. Although I'm still confused about the whole plot, but honestly I don't care that much anymore. Ever noticed that since the announcement I kept hearing negative things about this game from stupid people saying that "Oh the quality of the gamez iz gone to be craps cause teh grafix iz better on teh blue-ray!!!!111" Okay a bit of exaggeration but you all understand. Despite that I'm so glad that its coming to Xbox 360!
Random Question: What did you guys think of Final Fantasy 12 and is it worth playing? See I heard from critics thats its really good but my friends say that its god awful for some reason. So I'm kind of split about it. 

Dante's Inferno

I know, I know, people have already judged it as a God of War clone but is that really such a bad thing? The way that I see it is that the Xbox 360 could always use a game like Dante's Inferno. If you want my two cents on this whole God of War clone thing here it is; Fine by me. Why do you ask? Because since its going to be the exact layout of the controls, I can decided to amp up the difficulty and make it a much more challenging experience for me. What really matters to me is the over all design and aesthetics of the game. But what is my definition of a clone? Take this for example, you go to Blockbuster to rent Transformers (NOT THE SECOND ONE!) then as you look for it you find a movie called Transmorphers. That is a clone to me. 
Moving on, I'm really liking the way that the game looks. I'll have to admit that their imagining of Hell is so much more creative. At first I was thinking "Hell is nothing but fire and brimstone. How are they going to make it look different?!". After seeing a few circles of Hell, I was very impressed. I mean sure with all these different and grotesque enemies, the looks of the game, etc. this game is no doubt going to be a center of controversy and I'm pretty sure some Christian groups are going to call foul on this game especially after the whole E3 viral marketing they did when they acted like mock protesters. Personally as a man of Christian faith, I found this whole viral marketing stuff to be very clever and I find no reason for them to not keep going. Am I against it? No not really, the truth of the whole matter is this game was made as a video game as entertainment, its not promoting any kinds of satanism whatsoever. Whats the point of that rant I made? To tell you that not all Christians are as crazy as some people make them. All those crazy people you see on the news give us a bad name. 
To finish this off, I really hope to get my hands of this game soon and its interesting how its going to fare with all the other third-person action games that are coming out this year. 

Splinter Cell: Conviction

I played the first Splinter Cell and hated it. I know what it was trying go for and it never stuck with me at all and believe me I tried really hard in that game and never got that far at all. It made me mad when I made one little meager mistake and was forced to start over again. That game just made me more mad the more I played it. With that said I never played any of the series after that, however when I saw the presentation for Conviction I was very blown away. I loved how all objectives are in the environment which gives it that sense of style. The mark and execute mechanic looks very tight and all the gadgets you get and that you can use mark and execute with a cam that can explode really impressed me as well. This game looks like it will give you methods to escape if you get spotted especially with the Last Known Position idea as well. The game reminds of the Bourne movies in that you are a bad ass and you get to do all this cool tricks and awesome fighting techniques. Also the interrogation that Sam Fisher does looks entertaining and seeing him smash a dudes face in a sink made me cringe because I would hate to be that guy! The more hear about this game, the more I get excited about and it looks like the game that I always wanted in both an action and stealth game. 

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 (US) pre-release box art for Xbox 360.I had 100% zero interest in the first one because I thought it was going to be one of those games that was just a one-off game never to make any sequels. I really wished I could smack myself back then because after seeing first Just Cause 2 video, I was already on board with the sequel. I mean come on! You start off falling off high in the sky and he is just falling for what seemed forever then he launches his parachute and lands on the boat. Then he reaches an enemy base as the boat crashes into shore, then Rico jumps off and uses his parachute then grapples to safety and cooks some fools. Throughout the video I was cheering for how awesome this game was. It is insanity and I love it. Just seeing him do all this wicked stuff with grappling hook such as pulling an enemy and shooting him mid-air was amazing. I absolutely have very high hopes for this game because I never seen a game with so much momentum of action before! Missed the video that blew me away? Well here it is in case if you haven't seen it! 

Final Thoughts

I absolutely can't wait for next year and I know there are other notable games like Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2, but those five games are what I'm excited for the most. So what games are you looking forward to this year? Any that I don't really know of? Share your thoughts by all means! 
Thanks for reading!

Bayonetta Early Access Demo Impressions

So I entered a giveaway that had hosted and the 3000 early access codes were given away and I sure was one of those lucky 3000 who got it. Of course I got excited when I got the email that congratulated me for winning it. So its coming out tomorrow but I kind of want to tell my perspective of the demo that I played. 
First thing I noticed is that the demo for the Xbox 360 is changed some compared to the Xbox 360 demo that Jeff and Vinny did a quick look on. It was disappointing because I wanted to see more of the hound popping out again and tearing its foes into shreds. They added another part in the beginning of the demo of you fighting angels on giant debris of what seems to be a clock tower and only show you part of Verse 4 which I guess means segment of the area. The beginning of the 360 Demo is far out insane! Although strange that she's standing and running on a giant piece of debris and killing all these angels, while all of this is falling in midair. While it may seem to break almost all of Newtons laws, its still very amazing nonetheless. The controls for this game are somewhat different and its not using exact God of War controls at all. Normally these action games you can get away with button mashing, but even on the normal difficulty I really had to dodge because the enemies really chip away at your health at a pretty fast rate if your not careful. In a nice addition if you dodge at the right moment, you enter in Witch Time (let the puns begin!) which is the slo mo of the game and it really gives you that edge you need to kill them. You can also use Torture attacks which is a finishing move and she summons up an iron maiden and seeing her pushing an angel into is very cool to watch.
Also the game is surprisingly stunning to look at; I kept getting distracted from the visuals when I was playing the game. Also it was very smooth the whole way, nice 60 frames per second that never seemed to drop during my playthrough. Also with great graphics comes with satisfying gore! Whenever you do a torture attack to the angels I mean they get ripped to pieces and all you see is red chunks flying everywhere. I was very entertained throughout the demo and I'm definitely keeping a good eye on this game because I really like what I saw so far.  
EDIT: Shout out to  SpaceInsomniac for telling me it was actually difference was between the PS3 and Xbox 360 demo and not Japanese and US demo.


Oh Zombies I love you but I need a break.

Zombies, everyone loves them! I mean who doesn't? Whats more fun than shooting them in the head and watch brains spill out in a red ooze. Its fun to kill them but I'm now kind of getting very close to being burnt out by them, but was soon refreshed thanks to another game. Mainly because of these 2 games I about to get burnt out but the third game really outshines them both: 
1. Resident Evil 5 
RE5 is like the friend that you don't talk to in months but when you two get together you have a great time. For some odd reason this is one of those games that I never seem to get bored with which is surprising for me because after about sinking over 30 hours in the game killing majini just never seems to get old for me. IIts the mercenaries mode that really kept me coming back though. For me it really represented how I always thought a Resident Evil game should be, intense. Sadly the co-op is definitely get in the way of things a little but I still enjoy gunning down a chainsaw-weilding majini in the head then I run up to him and punch him in the face followed by a nice kick in the face by Sheva.
2. Left 4 Dead 
I'm not really a big fan of the first one but because my brother was home for Thanksgiving he really wanted to play it so badly. However me and him had to play splitscreen due to the fact he wasn't to familiar to the game itself. I really don't care for splitscreen that much because it really brings down the framerate of this game and makes a bit choppy in spots. He didn't want to play with others online for some odd reason just him and me, I'm sure that we had great bonding moments thoughout so I was pretty glad that I played it with him. 
3. Left 4 Dead 2 
Left 4 Dead 2 is the best zombie game I have played in a long time. This game is what I really wanted the first one to be, the game definitely is much more unpredictable and more frantic thanks to the addition of new characters, items, weapons, and special infected. It really invigorated my interest in the game with the new campaigns and feels more connected to each other rather than placing them in a random situation. Favorite character is Ellis hands down! It makes me laugh when he tell us about the story about how his buddy Keith living in a graveyard for whole year it wasn't a dare or nuthin but he got kicked out of  his house...and you get the point. However the mode that is my favorite is the Scavenge Mode. It seems simple enough being stuck in a small map and have the survivors get these canisters in order to fill up the generator to add more time to the time limit while your opponents are playing the special infected trying to stop you from filling the generator up. This mode is intense when you play the survivors and so much fun when you play the infected. One game we actually used up the whole 40 seconds in order to plan ahead which canisters we are going to get. Even then we still lost but thats what happens when randomly join a bunch of guys that aren't your friends. 
L4D2 is one of those games I wished I had bought instead of rented at blockbuster. Although once I return the game back to blockbuster I'm definitely taking a break from any game that has zombies in them. I mean I enjoy killing them but I need a break. So I think I'm going to purchase the The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition on Steam. I never really played a real point and click game since Sam and Max but I think I'll give it a shot. 
Random Question: Am I the only person in the world that hasn't bought Modern Warfare 2? I'm not boycotting it but I put it on my Christmas list so I'll have to hope that I get on Christmas. Its sad because my friends list pretty much goes Modern Warfare 2,  Modern Warfare 2,  Modern Warfare 2, Netflix,  Modern Warfare 2, and  Modern Warfare 2.


After watching Alone in the Dark the movie..... I decided to rent Alone in the Dark in at my local Blockbuster...
I know what you're asking, What the fuck is wrong with you?!
I made a list of excuses why I rented it:

  1. I was bored
  2. I am a Masochist.
  3. I have never seen an Uwe Boll movie
  4. I am a Masochist.
  5. I hadn't seen a video game movie in a long time.
  6. I am a Masochist.
I've heard about it being bad because of TANG and Nostalgia Critic's review of Alone in the Dark ( The Review). However there was the curiosity motive in me that really wanted to experience the movie itself. And so I traveled in to the edge of insanity that is of Uwe Boll.
After watching the 96 minutes of that was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life...PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!
I'm just shocked...shocked that I have decided to endure watching this piece of shit movie. I honestly thought that Transformers 2 was the worst movie I have seen in a long time but Alone in the Dark beats it by a landslide.
Its one thing to watch an episode of TANG about Alone in the Dark but watching the actual movie is a completely different animal.
Let me put it this way; My expectations for that movie was literally nonexistent. That movie completely annihilated my nonexistent expectations! This movie is going to haunt me for a very VERY long time...

Curse you Blizzard Entertainment!!! Curse Youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

On the contrary to the title, I actually love Blizzard Entertainment. I mean who doesn't?! They really do make some excellent games. But you want to know what makes playing these great games better? They're better if they are free! How is that possible??? I have a thing called connections...or a friend that said that I can just have them because their brother no longer plays them. So the two games I got are Diablo and Diablo II (minus the expansion). Whats funny is that the game's came in these huge boxes and I thought they came in those small jewel cases but I was wrong...totally wrong. 
The only history I have with Blizzard games is World of Warcraft and that game nearly took my soul away. I ALMOST lost it...almost! But thats not what I'm actually talking about. As you all know, Blizzard makes awesome games and the only real awesome game I played was WoW. So I decided to give these two games a whirl! At first I wasn't too impressed with the first Diablo for some odd reason. I tried the online component and that didn't really help things but I did beat it and was actually pretty satisfied with the story of the game so as a result I kinda had a bitter sweet about the first Diablo. So I sort of had a bad impression about the Diablo franchise but it was the second game that completely changed my mind! When I started Diablo II, I really thought it was just a recycled Diablo one until I started killing more enemies...and more enemies...and more...then I leveled up. Then I was able to kill more...and more! However it was my first rare drop that pretty much sold me to the game. I was legitimately excited to get a rare item. And so my journey of the crazy world of Diablo II has begun...
So the first thing that I wanted to point out was how old these graphics are! I mean, I knew that they were old skool games but jeez...I didn't know that they were that old. I was kinda surprised by Diablo II but hey, who am I to complain? Whats weird though is that the resolution is still in 640 x 480 which was another surprising thing to me as well. Oh well, as long as I kill my enemies in a bloody fashion what else do you need? Of course my choice of class was simple for me, the Barbarian! In any RPG, the only type I play is the Tank. There is nothing more thrilling than throwing myself in the fray and just being surrounded and having so much health that I won't die for minutes on end!  (Leeroy Jenkins anyone?) My favorite thing about Diablo II so far is the fact that they do a pretty good job on making you feel awesome! As you acquire more equipment and more skills and get your stats up even higher, I actually felt powerful for once in my life. While I'm only in the 2nd act, I still go back to the 1st Act area just so i can go into the bosses and kill them all by myself for sheer satisfaction! Also the one thing that drives me to play the game is the loot. There are so many items, weapon, armor, and God I love it!!! Its definitely a rush for me and I would be in my classes at college and I'm thinking about what kind of loot can I find after school.
So why do I curse Blizzard if I love a game they made? Its because they are so addicting! They make awesome games but they know what people like in a RPG and it delivers to me! And as a result I can't wait till Diablo III comes out. Nevertheless I enjoy Diablo II, its definitely the best game I've played on the PC since the Half-Life series. And now for random pictures for your enjoyment!

Thanks for reading!!!

 Oh my God!!! So much gold!!! So much to plunder!!!

 Yo fifty! Take a look at those big ass PC boxes!

 Soulcrusha is my Barbarian's name.

Excitement: Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands

When E3 came around there were plenty of games that were really cool but most of these are released in 2010. So when I heard that Borderlands and Modern Warfare 2 was coming out this year I'm actually really excited for them and normally I don't get so excited about First Person Shooters. However, these games seem much more distinct from what I have seen.

Modern Warfare 2

I like to call this year's E3 the year of the sequel. Now thats not a bad as long as the developers fix most of the complaints that were rather prominent in the game. So far from what I've seen MW2 looks much better than the first one (I'm finishing up my written review soon), but I felt like that the single-player wasn't long as I hoped and the Multiplayer wasn't as great as I really thought it was. Despite that I still really enjoyed the first one and from what I have seen in the gameplay footage both single-player
Soap is making a comeback!
and multiplayer footage, it really looks great. Also I always thought Soap McTavish was an awesome name for a character so seeing him comeback was great. Also the multiplayer looks like it has much more variety from the trailer I saw. Another plus for me was the way the HUD that looked much more sleeker. For me, the HUD is really important because I don't want it to be real crowded to where I can't focus on the game itself. Hopefully the multiplayer in the game will be much better than the first one. I don't know if its because I'm not good at it or whatever it is, but my time with the multiplayer always was pretty rough. Overall I always liked the direction that Infinity Ward took with the COD franchise and can't wait to get my hands on it.


I have had my Xbox 360 for over a year and yet there are games that I really missed an opportunity to play like Bioshock (Don't hurt me community!) and its not because I don't have the time to play it, its just that they go under my radar but I'm sure that all of you are thinking that I'm just putting up a bunch of bull crap. However when I heard of this game, courtesy of Jeff talking about it, I thought that it seemed interesting enough by blending in FPS and RPG together. Although I've always thought that sounded really difficult to execute because you would have to strike the right balance with them. If you have it RPG first priority then FPS then it really feels like that your shooting feels pointless because of the random dice roll of your stats and the gun. If you make it FPS first priority then it doesn't feel like an RPG and that you don't need to really use these upgrades as long as you know how to rack up headshots. The only game in my opinion that made this work well is Fallout 3; although it felt more like an RPG than FPS because of VATS, dialogue choices, etc. However the shooting in that game felt fair enough that shooting them still felt satisfying.

Borderlands definitely brought something much different than what I saw. It looks more of an RPG because of the characters definitely represent different types of classes that I have familiarize with such as the Beserker being the tank and all that jazz. However it looks more like an FPS with all the shooting. Speaking of guns, when I heard that there were more than a half-million guns my first reaction was like..."WHAT?!" "How is that even humanly possible?!". Then as l learned about how it was
I'm REALLY enjoying the art direction of this game
made possible my reaction was "Sweet!". One of my  hopes with this game is that it all the guns in the game feel different enough so that when I do get a new pistol, I can tell that it different from the one that I have right now. I'm also a sucker for games that have a great art style. The whole stylish look of the game looks absolutely fantastic, it feels very different from what I see in many games I've played. Also I hope the game's transition from going solo to with other people isn't as complicated like matchmaking. I just want to be able to join a game without being frustrated with the 100 menus I have to skim through just to get what I want. Also I noticed when I was watching other video game interviews with Randy Pitchford that he looks very excited. Every video I see with him in it he is always smiling but that kind of smile like he was very excited to show what he had. He seems to be very enthusiastic about the game and I really feel it as well.

So overall these are the two games that I'm truly excited about. Sure they're both FPS games, but every time I hear more about these two games, the more I really get excited about them. All I hope is that they both rock my socks off.

Issues with PC gaming...

Well I've been playing PC games for quite a long time (3-4 years to be more exact), and so I've gathered a healthy amount of games which most of them are on steam. I must say that I really do enjoy playing on the PC but even though I've been playing for so long, there is still a few things that really agitate me very much about the PC gaming market that really turns me off to gaming on the PC in general. Obviously you should already know what I'm talking about...

The main beef that I have with PC gaming is the fact that in order play a handful of games these days is that you have to have the proper equipment. Now to be fair I'm not really looking for a super-ultra-mega gaming PC that runs Crysis at a very smooth rate, but I would still like a PC that can play a game at least somewhat smoothly. I'm more of a performance over quality all the time but even then I still feel as though I would need those high end parts in order to get most out of gaming. However its just ridiculous how expensive these parts are and lets face it, I'm not going to spend $300 just so I can be able to play a $50 or less game. It just insane to me! For all those curious about my PC all you really need to know that it can run most Valve games except I have to tweak Half-Life 2: Episode 2 to get it to run decently without choppy framerate.

Another thing that really bugs me about buying PC games is the "Specs" needed in order to play a certain game. Now when I do go to the PC games section and take interest in a certain game obviously one of the things I look for is the "Recommended" requirements that are needed to play the game. Now theoretically, if I have the "Recommended" requirements I should to be able to play a PC game with at least a solid framerate without it looking sort of crappy. But however its just not the case for and it can get really irritating when I have to change settings all the time in order to have some kind of smoothness. Its tedious, occasionally confusing, and its just too much work for me.

I really just don't know anymore...and it all just feels somewhat overwhelming to me. Are there any PC people that can at least enlighten me about PC Gaming and all the hardware stuff? Should I just go off and buy the parts to play a game?


My 4th of July was...interesting...

Well I just want to start out by saying I hope you guys at the Giant Bomb forums and crew that you had a great 4th of July. Mine didn't go as planned and in fact, it turned into a natrual disaster movie so allow me to tell you an interesting tale. I woke up at 1 PM totally forgetting that it was 4th of July until my mother woke me up. I got all excited because this is the day that I got to see Public Enemies with my mom. The movie was all right, it had a good amount of action and Depp and Bale did a solid job on the acting. So as the movie ended and me and my mom were leaving the mall we became very hungry and decided to find a food joint and eat there.

It was then we saw the dark clouds that were gradually heading towards us and we didn't think of it much. As we headed down the road, the clouds got darker and darker. I knew a storm was thing you know it we started seeing lightning start popping out of nowhere and one was only about I'd say 50 feet away from us. Man I wish I had my camera then! At first I was sure that God was sending me a warning that my evil aunt was in town, but we never heard from her so I just thought it was just a plain ol' storm.  Then all of a sudden, "WHA-BAM!", it started downpouring very hard. Then the wind picked up and I started seeing trees branches being blown away. It got

This is a good visualization of how dark it got.
bad...real Twister the movie bad.

Now normally I don't panic in these kinds of situations but I did because me and mom started seeing all the buildings in our area with no power at all, even the traffic lights went down and navigating was a no easy task. It was kind of scary because we could barely see anything, but a few feet in front of us. However, my mother was starving and was so hungry that she still wanted to grab a bite to eat despite the fact that were in a giant storm, barely could see a few feet because of the rain pouring, and there was a solid chance that we could hit something if it came out of nowhere. But alas my mom was hungry and she wanted food and sure enough we stopped by a food joint that had shades that was good enough to keep us dry as she ordered our food. Then as she inserted her debit card into the machine that accepts cards, she drops it and cannot reach it. Used as an expendable I had no choice but to go outside and grab that stupid card. I ran, grabbed it, and dashed straight back to the other side of the car. Even my running was futile as I was completely soaked.

So after that crazy food quest through the fury of the storm we came home only to find that part of our tree landed on the lawn (thank God that it didn't land on the house of my car...). Well things got much better as we found out that our house had zero electricity (Wheres Cole McGrath when you need him?!). Nothing worked at all and were stuck in the dark, with a damaged tree. To make things worse, my black cat disappeared because he went outside before we left the house...
That is my tree post-storm...fml.

Nothing could really describe how frustrated we were, and the sad part was that there was no fireworks at all obviously. Luckily I shut down my lap top so it had plenty of power. In a way to enlighten the mood me and my mom decided to watch a movie on the lap top. The DVD drive didn't work as well as I hoped. All of a sudden my mom says "Well I guess you know what that means?". "No I don't know what you mean..." I said. "Its time we had the talk...about the Bird and the Bee." my mom said. So here I am in the dark, with no electricity, a lap top that didn't work, a broken tree, a missing cat, and my mom decided to talk about sex. And so my mother started to talk about sex until our electricity came back on...the power didn't come back on for 3 hours.

After that crazyness, the power started to kick back on and boy was I excited that it came back on! My 4th of July was probably one of the most craziest days ever. I mean seriously, what are the odds of all this happening to me on the 4th of July?! How?! Ah well at least I got out that mess. On the bright I found my black cat later that night! I was taking out the trash into my trash bin and next thing you know it, he came back. Although I swear he popped out just like a ninja, like Ryu Hyabusa! And the way that he
Ninja Kitty!!!
was standing was really cool actually. Take a look for yourself! Overall this will definitely a 4th of July that I will never forget. So how was everyone else's 4th of July? Did anyone get into any crazy hijinks or did a random storm occur during you 4th of July? If so please share your story!
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