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@Zor: Here you go!

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I have about 67. Most of them I've acquired from steam sales. I'd say 80% of those were impulse purchases.

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The community is pretty vibrant here and makes me laugh harder than most forums I've been to.

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I've been attempting to finish up some back catalog stuff so I decided to play Fallout: New Vegas. I'm about 40 hours in and I'm more hooked to this game than Fallout 3. Obsidian did a great job realizing this kind of post-apocalyptic wild west feel to the whole game. I also really love the story of this game so far and it might be up there with Mass Effect storyline for me. I feel that nice mix of you know bad stuff is going to go down soon however there's no rush to finish the game. 

Of course this game is far from perfect thanks to the overall jankiness of this game and boy does still have some. Some dialogue options got cut out then reintroduced for no reason, leave a building and mole rats somehow appear causing the frame rate to chug hard, and the occasional AI glitch here and there, and also the loading screen straight up freezes. Though since I got my new Xbox and installed the game on my hard drive those issues hardly show up. I'm really hoping to play some League of Legends before school starts on Monday.

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@Henny said:
 Next up on the word crusade: fragged.
But frag is a classic word. D:
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@swamplord666 said:

for good measure

This video is a necessity for any intense situation like this.
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Love the picture of Reggie for the story. Its perfect.

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
Ok, that... 


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So it would be like the Deadliest Warrior but with horror characters?

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Longer, the podcast is just even better when they go off subject completely and don't talk about video games.