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Rinse & Repeat But Still A Treat 0

A Call of Duty release is always a monumental event in gaming, and this one is no different. Lately, the questions have been 'When will Call of Duty sputter out?' 'Is this one the last hurrah?'. This one looked like the next leap forward for the series, in both gameplay and aesthetics. Let's get on with answering those questions and finding out if this is indeed a step forward for Activision.The campaign has a large assortment of gameplay styles, settings & missions.I don't think I need to e...

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More Addicting Than Cocain 0

When Criterion revealed Need For Speed at E3 earlier this year, my initial reaction was why the hell are they calling this Most Wanted? I got over that pretty much immediately when they showed gameplay, and they won me over right there and then. Since June, I have been awaiting the release date anxiously. Here we are now, with my review of NFS: Most Wanted.There's no menu when you launch the game, a title screen asking you to press start is all you get. After the initial load screen you get a fa...

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Halo 4 Pulls No Punches 0

Halo 4 is about to be set out into everyone's hands and it's an exciting time for video games. Does the game live up to the hype set up from Bungie though? Did 343 Industries handle the franchise with care? The answer to both I believe is yes. I will go into further details after the jump, but if you were looking for more Halo, this is the game for you. The game tries very little to change things up, if at all. The graphics, sounds, presentation and gameplay are all impressive; however, the camp...

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There's Some Fun To Be Had Here, However The Annoyances Stack Up 0

Sonic 4 Episode 1 was a pleasant surprise when it came out. Does Episode 2 live up to the expectations set by the first? Not exactly.It's not entirely bad however, the gameplay refinements are nicely done, it does feel a lot more like Sonic 2 in terms of the momentum and feel. The graphics are appealing, nothing too fancy, but it's nice. The tag team moves are fun, destroying stuff rolling in a ball was sweet, swimming and flying were alright, definitely makes it easier to navigate. Some of the ...

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GTA IV Review 0

Presentation - 10The story in GTA IV is the best video game story you’ll play ever. In case you don’t know the basics already, you’re an immigrant called Niko, fresh off the boat to meet up with your rich and luxurious cousin Roman. Quickly Niko finds out this was all a lie and Roman actually just lives in a dump apartment and owns a taxi company. It spans from many different characters to culminate with one of the most epic decisions you’ll ever have to make in gaming. The cinematic cut-scenes ...

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Presentation - 10Everything in this game has a real nice polish to it, and the presentation is no different. The cinematics are front and center once again but this time they mean business with the story line as this is supposed to be the last in the MGS series. The story starts you out 5 years after the events of Sons of the Patriots in the middle east where it’s a raging battlefield. Otacon is once again supporting you and he has a little Metal Gear Mark II that he controls. You learn that you...

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