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Here's a little selection for ya.

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I've been playing the demo for a good few hours today and I got really into it after seeing the quick look.

It's got a ton of depth, and as far as i can see the demo is the full game with a level 6 level cap. (which im at)

I need to check out the multiplayer servers but it deffinitely ticks all the boxes for me.

Really enjoying it and will be purchasing.

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Got the demo, gonna give it a go later. It sounds interesting

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HERO online!


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Also interested to know.

My gf loves peggle, but she wont play anything too complex.

Co-op games are interesting too, we sometimes play Little Big Planet but that annoys her!

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Saw this today, thought it was really cool. Check it out!

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Steam ID: wilklol

PSN: Wilkoh

Borderlands 2 - PC - Steam

NFS: Hot Pursuit 2

Gran Turismo 5

Diablo 3 - message me

Wanna game, chat or chill? hit me up. I'm from the UK ;)

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Vice City?

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