1-2-09 Computer Update

Was just thinking that once I get a job, I will build a gaming/fast running computer. Not to sure on parts at the mo might search it closer to the time/having the money to buy the parts lol. Will need it fast enough to run music and games at the same time with XP and have a good video/graphics card & a HUGE amount of storage space (2-3 TB's :P). Apart from that not that pickey on all the other things maybe a 5.1 sound system, hmmm not to sure about that one.

Off to Auckland today (Sunday), have to sort some school stuff out on Monday but am going up to see my brother before I move in and move the stuff ill be bringing up and have brought up into my room for the year.

Anyways thats another update, will do one 2moro if I do anything tech related.

Peace, Will


28-1-09 Game Update

Finally finished THPS will all the characters with three gold medals and 30 tapes. So at the mo ive got nothing else to play on the ps2 BUT ive got THPS2 (one of the best ps1 games ever made IMO) arriving by mail 2moro. I got it off trade me for $17.00 which I think is a bargin !!!

So yea ill give you a update on that about 2moro.


27.1.09 Little Game update

Well since the last time I posted a blog ive completed Tekken 2 and unlocked all the characters for it, including Devil/Angel & Roger/Alex. And for THPS (Tony Hawks Pro Skater) ive got 5-4 characters to get all 20 tapes and gold medals for but one in half way through at the moment so 4 in total without anything done for them. Apart from the the only other games ive been playing have been Halo 3 and SF2HD for xbox360/live arcade which are still pretty fun for me.

So hopefully before I move to Auckland on sunday I can get THPS fully finished and have everyone unlocked and finshed with 30 tapes and all golds.



Quick update 20.1.09

While in the midst of moving I saw THPS and Tekken 2 at EB for 1 dollar each! Had to buy em and have had a good go of each and love em so worth the price.
Moving to Auckland at the end of next week, gaming related ill be playing Street Fighter IV at Yifans (local arcade) a heap to prepare for the console release which ill be getting that and a Mad catz stick aswell.

Anyways, Peace, Will!


Auckland Arcade Update 10/12/08

Well its been a few days since I got back from Auckland and I played at a number of arcades while I was up there for a little awhile on there Street Fighter IV machines. First of all Timezone on Queens Street had a Head 2 Head setup with samsung monitors that I dont think were putting out High Def pictures but still looked allright. Well when I sat down I had a few games of the single and then once I reached the final stage VS the Boss character Seth I was about to die then someone chucked in 2 dollars (yea one game is 2 dollars :S) then saved me from losing and I get to VS someone for once. So I chose Ken and he chose Sagat, once the round (first to 3 rounds) started I got off to a pretty shitty start with being beat down pretty fast then the 2nd round started and I was really close to winning but by this time I had my revenge meter and EX meter full so all hell was unleashed upon this person (lolz) and I came back to win 3 rounds str8 to take the match!!! Was one of the best Street Fighter matches ive ever played easily. So once I won I went to another arcade and had a few more games, nothing to exciting with the matches I played won a few and got beatdown quite abit but all in all its a freaking good game and I have heaps of fun when playing it. So ive come to a conclusion once the console version of the game comes out Ill buy that and since ill be living in Auckland (arcade scene) ill play mainly on arcade since I like the feel better and ill be picking up one of the Mad Catz SFIV arcade sticks once they drop aswell. So till my last update of the year which will be a MASSIVE one I gotta peace owt.
Laters, Will/.


Quick Update - 5/12/08

Just going to give  a quick update before I leave to go to Auckland for the weekend to catch a concert,
Well lately ive barely been playing anything, but when I get back to it ive still got the single player of the new Banjo game and COD5 aswell as a tonne of the COD5 multiplayer with my clan. Oh and I was looking on Trade Me awhile back and saw a cheap as hell copy of MKII for the SNES so I brought that which was 13-14 NZD so now ive got two copys of that and still no SNES lolz.
Anyways I gotta leave, ill give a bigg update after christmas or sometime next year when im not busy or pick up some games to play.


Youtube in widescreen now!!!

Well the title says it all, all Youtube videos are now in 16:9, but the old size of 4:3 will just have black bars on the left and right it wont stretch or anything. But yea I reckon its pretty cool that they are doing it now since its becoming the standard thing when viewing TV or any type of video these days. Hopefully we will get the opition to choose to view the 4:3 videos in 4:3 tho cause its pretty annoying but thats just me.
So tell me what you think on this matter, leave a comment! :D



List of VG websites I visit quite often..

www.giantbomb.com - Obviously
http://www.gpforums.co.nz/forum/Xbox/?s= - NZ Xbox forum
www.gootecks.com - Street fighter IV/3s blog with videos etc.
http://forums.shoryuken.com/ - Fighting game forum/ evo series website.
www.gotfrag.com - Competitive gaming scores/videos website.
www.xbox.co.nz - to check people online etc.

So yea thats mainly all the video game site i visit, and be sure to pick up Street Fighter II HD Remix tonight when it releases for XBLA!!!! Ill do an update some time in a few weeks when things die down, to busy.