Screwattack SGC Annoucement!!!

Well after a few weeks of hints at what SGC is on the Screwattack website, it has finally been announced what it is:


Which is going to be much like PAX with heaps of cool unique Screwattack things like the Iron Man of Gaming etc etc.

If some of you arent familiar with Screwattack they are a VG website that have alot of self produced shows like the famous Angry Video Game Nerd & Nametags.

Be sure to check them out here:
Sign up and become a g1 (screwattack fan) and support these guys.

SGC Annoucement video:

Screwattack Gaming Convention

13/11/08 - Retro Score

Went past Cash Converters (2nd hand outlet) today and saw theses and HAD to get them both which was only $30 NZD which is pretty good considering I would pay $30 alone for SFII Turbo!!!!


SNES Donkey Kong Country
SNES Street fighter II: Turbo

11/11/08 - BIG!!!! Update

Game related updates:

Well the CoD: WaW BETA has finished today, really enjoyed the game and will be picking it up on friday when it releases here in New Zealand, not to sure what edition ill get might have to be the regular since the collectors is quite expensive. Also looking to buy Dead Space & the new Banjo Kazooie game WHEN I GET THE $$$!!! lol
A game I want to go back to and play would be PGR4, I actually had quite abit of fun playing it so might play some more in the future after ive finished up with Gears 2 and CoD5.
I purchased Gears Of War 2 last friday (New Zealand being the first country) and I played through the campaign with a friend and thought it was pretty good. There some awesome battles and the graphics are amazing. Right now I have 40 out of 50 achievements for the game and still have to finish it on Insane difficulty, might do that co-op aswell since its pretty dam hard!!!
While I was playing co-op with my friend I randomly got signed off XBL to receive the new Xbox Experience update which is pretty cool ill give a run down of what  IMO I think are the pros & cons:


  • The overall speed of pulling up the guide etc during games is increased ALOT which is the main thing I wanted since when I use to do it on the old dash it would ether take a very long time to load or just freeze all together, so im glad thats fixed.
  • The overall look of everything is very nice and sleek, reminds me of Windows Media Center.
  • The avatars (even tho Nintendos the orignal creator) are pretty cool, theres quite a few things that you can do to customize your avatar (lol check out mine on the main page of my profile). They have updated the dash twice since I have receieved it which just added avatar clothes/items etc.
  • The Xbox Live party chat is pretty awesome, up to 5 people (i think) can chat no matter what all of you are doing on Xbox Live wheter it be gaming in the same game to all of you playing different ones, watching videos/movies or just chilling in the dash to talk to people. If you are in a multiplayer game and want to talk in the game and none of the party is in your game you can just pull up the guide and go to party chat and press Y to switch channels from "Party channel" to "game channel" then your set to talk in the game your playing, then after just do the same thing then your backl into party chat.

 Now for some cons:

  • Whenever you start up a game, a notification pops up and says "friends playing **insert game tittle here**" well when I first saw this I thought to myself that it would take me to a list with only the people that are playing the game im playing but thats not the case.. it just pulls up your friends list o_O IMO thats just a stupid inclusion.
  • Netflix isnt included in the NZ portion of the update which is just str8 up shit. I logged into my US account and downloaded the app tho which didnt do anything for my main NZ account so you americans better enjoy it!! Even though the countrys (NZ) internet is utter shit still would be nice to have the opition.

Well apart from those cons im liking the new dash update, it takes awhile to get use to everything but overall its a great improvement and am glad they decided to do this. Im positive that no one will be disappointed with it come November 19th?

Anyways thats easily the bigest update ive wrote on here, so whoever reads it give me a quick update on whats going on with your gaming. Im off to go watch a HD broadcast of Resident Evil: Extinction then some late night Nickelodeon!!

Peace, Will :)


Xbox experience preview program!

I got IN! the new dash update is pretty cool, the new "premium" themes look awesome, they are a background theme aswell as theme your new friends list in the dash. When i come across some more cool features ill update this post.



5/11/08 - Video Game Collection Software

Well if your like me and have a few games and cant really remember what ones you have etc there is this software that keeps a database of all your games. Theres also ones for movies, CDs, books and other things. Its really professional aswell, easy to use and looks nice and keeps track of what you have really well. Just thought that id give a quick mention of it since someone might want to check it out so heres the website for the demo version:

But the full pro version can be arrange if you give me a message, if you know what I mean :P


P.S Vote Obama you americans :D And DAYM I CANT WAIT FOR GEARS 2

Edit: Pic Added:

Game Collector Pro software 3.0.3

3/11/08 - My SkyHDi

Well we just got the new MyskyHDi installed for my household and all I can say about it is that it is AWESOME!!!
Its pretty much like TVo in America but for New Zealand, it has a number of HD broadcasts on a good selection of channels such as sky movies, ESPN (YUSSSS) , channel 2 & 3 and a few more that I cant think of at the mo but overall its great. The HD broadcasts are crystal clear as expected and with the myskyHDi you can record any program you like which is awesome and duel recording if programs clash in times. Right now im watching a nascar season race in HD which looks amazing, And ive got a NFL game on que for record when it airs which is between St Louis & Arizona Cardinals in HD so I cant wait to see how it turns out after its been recorded. :D!!! If add a picture into the gallery of the setup we have here which is a 50" plasma with myskyHDi, bluray player and 5.1 (i think) Anyways Ill give another update about the recording once its done later on tonight. Leave a comment whoever reads this & tell me about your setups you have in your household.


Edit: Pic added:

Living room setup, 50" Plasma, Blu - Ray Player, 5.1 & MyskyHDi

XBE Preview Sign Ups

I signed up for a preview of the new XBE coming out soon so hopefully I get to check it out, heres where I found out about it.


Update - 21/10/08

Well havent really been playing much lately just some Halo 3 and COD5 WaW BETA.

The COD5 BETA is pretty cool a nice change from the Modern war setting of COD4, feels alot like COD4 and the graphics are somewhat decent but overall im likeing it.

Right now as im writing this im watching the Bonus Round episode that Jeff was on, everyone should give it a download.

So on the horizon im wating for Gears 2 and COD5 soon to pre-order both, not to sure if im actually going to buy Fallout 3 since im tight on money at tho mo but might give it a few rents.

So yea whoever reads this leave a comment and tell me what your looking forward to. :)



ISP - Being Capepd.

It sucks, Cant download anything cant go on LIVE. Hmmmm but I got a few things to do so time should fly by next week and on friday ill be uncapped. Whoooop!


XBL Gamertag Change

Well I changed my gamertag from "william101" last night to "Wil(i)l" the "i" in the bracket is a uppercase so my name looks like "Willl" in game. Unfortunately most of the other varients of my name I tried where taken by some other person so this was the one I settled on. And since I changed I made a silver account and reserved my william101 gamertag just in case in the future I may want it back. So yea thats about it ill do an update blog soonish since theres alot of stuff happening so yea.

Peace, Will.