Was bored so I started to do my lists, I have finished my 360 and xbox ones. They contain the games I currently own. Will do a ps2 and misc one later on. And maybe do a text list or my DVD's and CD's I own.


Fallout 3, not happening in NZ? & Soul Calibur IV

The organization's website listed the game's classification as RC (refused classification) on July 4, and while no particular reasons were given for the refused classification, Fallout 3 does contain drug use and violence. It is also worth mentioning that Australia is known for its strict rating system, especially when it comes to videogames. While movies can receive 18+ age ratings, videogames are capped off at 15+. Games like Manhunt, Reservoir Dogs, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and others were refused classification in their original states but game companies are allowed to censor its products for reclassification. Developer Digital Extreme recently censored and resubmitted its Dark Sector game, which was approved with a 15+ classification earlier this week.

Dummmmbbb, lets hope it only gets censored/banned for AUS and not us. As for Soul Calibur IV its comes out next friday, will be picking it up on the day should be gooooood.


The new site is awesome!

Loving the new site, it has some pretty cool features to it that other gaming websites don't have. Love the podcast will keep giving it a listen. Later on when I have some spear time ill post lists of my DVD's and games across all platforms. :)