Giant Bomb poster designs

Besides school, I've had a pretty clean slate lately when it comes to design work. So I decided to try some new stuff for fun. I'm really into poster designs lately after doing a bunch of gig posters in the recent months, so I did some posters inspired by Giant Bomb. It gave me an excuse to try and experiment with new styles I otherwise probably wouldn't have used. I have to say, it was super fun making all of these and I am very happy with how they turned out. Would love to hear everyone's feedback on these as well. Theres a lot, so be prepared to scroll.

Edit: Finally got around to adding Patrick.

Thats all of them. Hopefully people dig them. They were all mostly made before Patrick joined the team, which is why he isn't really represented.

P.S. If theres any other designers on here, I'm sure there is, let me know. I would love to check out the work of fellow members.


Luchadeer shirt design

Heres my second Giant Bomb inspired shirt designs. I've had a bunch of free time lately due to the holiday and the break in between semesters, so I decided to finish this up today. Been meaning to finish this for a while actually. Couldn't decide on which color looked best, so I posted both options.


Giant Bomb x Experimental Jetset shirt design

I work as a freelance graphic designer, mainly specializing in t-shirt designs, and go to college for graphic design. I've actually done some work for Whiskey Media in the past, although it never made it to print. I thought that since I'm such a huge fan of Giant Bomb and that Whiskey seems to dabbling with printing up merch, I would design some stuff whenever I have some free time. These are mostly for fun and I doubt any of these will ever be printed, although that would be awesome.  If you want to see some of my other work,  you can check out my site at
I've always been a big fan of Experimental Jetset's Beatles design and of all its parodys. I thought doing one with the dudes from Giant Bomb would be cool.