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I shouldn't be scared that WWE will ruin guys like Zayn and Owens yet I am and there is something wrong with that. At least the Ladder match was great although I'm sure Harper will be forgotten and jobbing soon enough.

I'm more worried about Ziggler after that ladder match. Having him win the IC title again makes me think that is all they see him as, a secondary champion. I was hoping his Survivor Series performance was going to boost him up the card, but now he's right back to where he was before. I guess they just don't see him as a main eventer and he has already gone as high as he is going to. Although the announcers did make a big deal when he won and said that the IC title was for the next superstar to hit the main event, so maybe they'll push him?

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So... was this the worst PPV this year? I can't recall another PPV as bad as this one.

I wouldn't say the PPV was necessarily bad, I'm sure there were worse this year, but it wasn't too good either. Especially when everyone is comparing it to NXT. My real problem with the PPV was that there was too many gimmick matches. By the time we got to Ambrose/Wyatt, I was worn out and nothing they did was exciting because of everything we had already seen. The crowd seemed to feel the same way as they were dead for the main event.

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@hadoken101: I dunno. Jeff still probably would have complained about it. And I am also fairly certain that none of them actually watched it. It's a real shame.

You have to remember the guys are mostly on the west coast and it seems like they have all been swamped with work, so they probably haven't had time to watch yet.

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NXT was incredible.

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@counterclockwork87 said:

It's not a viable option to be upset

That is never a true statement ever. It is always a viable option to be upset also this is a horrible misuse of the word viable.

If something makes you upset then you get to be upset and no one gets to take that away from you. For many people, something they expected to be a $60 purchase suddenly turning into a $460 purchase would be a huge problem.

I don't mind you quoted me but please don't cut off my words and missrepresent what I said...I said, It's not a viable option to be upset for me

People can be upset, but I won't cry for them when it comes to a dreamland that is playing video games. If you pinch pennies just to buy an Xbox that's okay but I'd rather spend my time trying to earn money so that would'nt be a problem. I just think a lot of gamers priorities are screwed, as in playing video games isn't everything there are other things in the world to do that can better you as a human being imo.

I hate that argument. "There are more important things that are in far worse shape, so you don't get to complain about video games because it is a luxury/hobby/etc." Its a shitty way of looking at things. If people want to complain about this, let them. Yes, there are far more worse things happening in the world, but everything is relative.

Do you think people aren't out there working trying to save money? Your comment makes it seem like you think the people who are complaining are lazy and don't work and think they should be entitled to everything. Not everybody is in a financial position to afford both consoles.

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@williamhenry: Preach brother. I know making it as a wrestler is hard but being a professional artist isn't easy either. I haven't been doing this for as long as you (i just graduated two years ago) but I already know. Everyone seems to feel like you can pay artist garbage or not at all and they should just get satisfaction out of there work getting out there. Art is never appreciated as much as it should be. If you even just looked at how much people usually want to pay an artist vs how many hours they spent on a piece you are looking at below minimum wage. I'd love for there to be better designs out there for Pro Wrestling Tees but I'm not going to bust my ass for 0 reward.

Anyway that's my rant. Sorry for hijacking the wrestling thread.

Agree with everything you said. I'm glad to hear that you're smart enough to not buy into that bullshit. Its ridiculous when you see people with years and years of experience still working for the possibility of being paid or for "exposure." Its total bullshit and devalues our entire profession.

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Just make a modern day one and get it over with already. I am over historical settings for this series. Or do one in the hypothetical future.

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I wish there was an easy way to get into designing wrestling stuff as I've been a graphic designer for years now and could easily do better stuff than 90% of whats out there now.

Same boat here. I sent in a few ideas, lets just flood them with great art.

I get that, but at the same time, I don't work for free. I've been doing this for 10 years now. I am way past designing stuff on my own and pitching it to potential clients on the off chance they'll pick it up. I did that with bands for years and it is not worth my time, especially when even if they do chose your design, their budget ends up being $100. From my experience, wrestling is pretty popular in the design community, so it wouldn't be hard at all of a site like One Hour Tees to commission designs from good designers. Hell, they don't even have to be wrestling fans. It is so easy to find a good designer these days. They just don't want to do that and would rather run a submission based company where there is no risk for them and all the risk is on the designer. If your design isn't chosen, they lose nothing, where the designer gets nothing and has wasted all his/her time. If they don't want to do the work of finding designers themselves, just ask designers to send you links to their portfolios, then One Hour Tees can go through them and find a good designer. I just really hate and am fed up with companies wanting you to design stuff for free, with no guarantee you will ever be paid. Its exploitative and unfair.

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Most indy wrestling shirts are terrible. Hell, TNA's design is still terrible. I don't know what it is about wrestling, but if you're not WWE, its like you feel like you don't have to pay for graphic design. I'm not saying that WWE's shirts are great either, but you can tell that their art department at least knows what they're doing. I wish there was an easy way to get into designing wrestling stuff as I've been a graphic designer for years now and could easily do better stuff than 90% of whats out there now.

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I think a lot of you want wrestling to be something it never has been and never will be. If you're so negative about it, why continue to watch every week?

Because when wrestling is great, its really great. Its impossible to know when it will be great though, so we keep watching every week so we don't miss the great stuff. Yea, it sucks that it seems like wrestling is terrible for 90% of the time, but the 10% of the time its great makes up for when its terrible.