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Any chance we could get some designs that are more graphic design based, and less illustration/cartoony in the future? I don't think the designs are bad, and they fit the branding of the site, they're just not my type of shirt. I will say that more merch is better than no merch though.

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And let me take a second to praise how Lucha Underground treated tonight's non-title match. 9 times out of 10, I hate non-title matches. If you beat the champion, you should become the champion so when Dario Cueto told Cage that he would face Puma and if he won, he would get another shot at the Lucha Underground title, I groaned. It's total WWE booking. Beat the champion to get a shot at the champion. However, the way this match ended was perfect.

So you think the championship should be defended every single time the champion wrestles? You don't think the challenger should actually do something to earn a title match? Are you saying that you think wrestling champions should be treated like boxing or UFC champions, where they wrestle once a month against a challenger who has beaten other wrestlers to earn being number 1 contender? I don't think that idea works in wrestling because champions can't wrestle once a month. Well, unless you're Brock Lesnar. I don't see the problem with someone getting a title match after beating the champ in a non-title match.

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I would love to see the shit storm Reigns failing a drug test would cause, but I highly, highly doubt it is true. The latest word about Lesnar is that he walked out of Raw over merchandise issues. He gets a very high cut of merch sales and feels that WWE aren't giving him enough or pushing his merch enough. It makes sense since there was that report of WWE telling its merch people to stop producing Lesnar merch a few months back. WWE doesn't want to make merch for Lesnar, only to have him leave after his contract is up. Lesnar is seeing this as a petty way to screw him and a way to force him into signing a new contract.

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I'm relatively new to the WWE scene, however I really want to know...

When did they decide that Reigns was worth pushing or did he ever actually become interesting?

He blows on the mic and his actual skill level is so shockingly mediocre that I cannot actually find neutral enough words to describe it.

So I will ask again, when the fuck did he actually become worthy of the attention he is getting?

I'd say they have had Roman hand picked as the next John Cena for a least a year now, possibly longer. A lot of people don't think he is worthy of the attention he is getting. Like you said, his mic and ring skills are not up to par with the position he is in. That, along with how painfully obvious it is that Vince and Co gave him his spot on a silver platter without doing really anything to earn it besides having a good look, is why the crowd is already turning on him. Roman was great in the Shield as the silent bad ass who destroyed everyone and barely spoke. Once he had to go on his own, his faults became very obvious. It doesn't matter what we think though as Vince is going to do what he wants, no matter what the crowd thinks.

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If the current sad state of WWE wasn't enough, the fucking Bushwhackers are going in to the Hall of Fame while PWInsider is reporting that Kevin Nash will also be inducted this year. I have to think that the rest of this year's Hall of Fame class is one last fuck you from Vince to Macho Man.

To be fair though, it seems like they had a more then hall of fame worthy career outside of their WWE run. Now it remains to be seen whether they mention this at all, but the video they aired today did say they were tag team champions 26 times in their career.

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The UPS shipping being high seems to just be because it's coming from SF. I played around on the ups ground cost site and I am getting price quotes from UPS that are pretty damn close to the store's super high pricing (when I reversed the from/to fields to ship from where I am in the midwest to SF the cost was like half). Going to the USPS site and looking at flat rate boxes to the UK as an example I was getting $23+ pricing for the small boxes there too. It doesn't look like the gbomb shipper is gouging so much as they don't have any sort of deal worked out to make it more reasonable. Places like threadless probably get so much more business they've worked out deals with the shipping companies for better rates.

My question to this would be: Why are they using UPS to ship t-shirts/hoodies? I ship stuff as part of my job and the only reason to use UPS is when something weighs a significant amount. A t-shirt and/or hoodie are light and should be shipped via the USPS. USPS first class would be like $4-$5 at the most, while USPS priority would be around $8-$10 at the most. Even USPS first class international would only be around $20 at the most, and that would be for a multiple item order.

As for shipping deals, I'm pretty sure Threadless uses the USPS, so their shipping rates are the standard rates everyone would be charged. Its possible they have some type of agreement with them, but not to the point where their rates would be so much cheaper than the shipper GB is using.

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Are we no longer thinking that Bryan/Ziggler at WM will be a thing?

The rumors for that match died out when it seemed like they were turning the main event into a triple threat match. No that it's clear that won't happen Bryan will most likely have a match of some kind on the card. For what it's worth Ziggler tweeted this earlier today so maybe that match is still in the works.

Am I the only one who doesn't want to see Bryan/Ziggler? By all means, if they give them a good feud and reason to wrestle, then I'm in, but I hate this idea or notion that they'll wrestle solely to steal the show or have the best match.

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What a boring PPV. I can't believe they are really going with Reigns/Lesnar. I didn't expect Bryan to win, but I thought they would do something to set up a triple threat. They better not try to force Bryan/Sheamus on us again. Sheamus is terrible.

They are going to boo Reigns out of the building. I hope Lesnar destroys him like he destroyed Cena at SS. At this point, fuck it, pay whatever you have to to re-sign Lesnar and let him keep that belt for another year. There is nobody on that roster that could believably beat him.

They need to stop holding PPVs in dead cities. If you have to have every one on the east coast, Chicago, or Canada, then do it. Dead crowds ruin the show. They make it seem like the show is dragging forever. A hot crowd can make a mediocre show seem great, but a dead crowd makes a good show seem like garbage.

I just can't believe how bad WWE is right now considering were a month away from Wrestlemania. There is nothing about WM that I am excited for right now. And I'm with Jeff, Rusev is terrible and if he was never seen again, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

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As someone whose job involves shipping things all over the world a few times a week, the problem is obvious. They are not offering USPS First Class shipping. I ship things internationally all the time with USPS First Class International, and the most I've ever paid is about $18, and that was for something that weighed over two pounds I think. A shirt would probably cost around $8-$12 or so, depending on where it was going, and a hoodie would probably be around $15.

It also seems that their shipping rates are just off in general. There is no way that Priority mail should cost anything more than $10 or so at the most. I have no idea how they got $46 for Priority 2 day mail. They need to do a total overhaul of their shipping options and rates. They use a drop shipper right, as in nobody at GB or CBSi actually handles the shipping? Its totally possible this drop shipping company rates aren't set up for individual purchases, but instead are set up for bulk purchases. I think I remember them saying the printing company handles their shipping, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if their rates were set up for bulk orders. That is the only way I can figure out why they would be charging so much for shipping.

They need to either have a serious talk with their drop shipper about this, or they need to hire someone else to handle their shipping. Hell, they could hire me to do it, ship the shirts to me, pay me hourly to ship them, and they would still save a ton of money from the reduced shipping costs.

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@dizzyhippos: As HT101 said, there likely won't be much talent that'll be removed directly because of Vince's departure (since I don't expect that to happen for at least 5 years, people will probably shuffle out for a number of other reasons). On the other hand, it's a safe bet that a ton of the "glad-handing, nonsensical, douchebag Yes men" like Kevin Dunn will be sent out almost immediately.

HHH reportedly dislikes Kevin Dunn and everyone assumes he will be gone the second HHH is in charge. I personally don't think HHH will get rid of alot of talent, but I wouldn't even want Big Show and Kane fired. They should definitely retire, but with the careers they've had, they have more than earned backstage jobs.