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Just as a matter of curiosity, if anyone here worked at the top level management for the WWE (both with creative and with the actual business side of things), what would you do differently and why? Personally I would reduce RAW to a two hour show.

You have all been such a great help so far and I really do appreciate it.

You're only looking at it from the creative side. The third hour of Raw brings them enough money to warrant the extra toll it takes creatively. I don't honestly think that the quality of their content would get any better if Raw was shorter. It would just mean we have to waste less time watching it. Its not like Raw is bad because the writers are spending too much time focusing on the low/mid card stories and not enough time on the main event stuff. Raw is bad because creative/Vince are doing a terrible job.

What I would suggest would be to create multiple teams of writers that focus on different segments of the show. You have your main event/top program writers, your low/mid card writers, your divas writers, etc. That way every team has adequate time to focus on their respective stories and aren't all stretched too thin. I would also make sure that each team has a story/character continuity person who keeps track of stories and characters. That way all their stories make logical sense and follow continuity. Same with characters. It would make sure a character never does/say something that doesn't fit. It would just make the show overall more cohesive.

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Apparently during Jericho's interview with Stephanie she said that there wasn't enough time on Raw for Divas matches to go longer. What. The. Fuck. That's not a glass ceiling, they're in an underground bomb shelter

The divas fucking suck, if they want more time they've gotta get better.

Its a catch-22. Is it the divas suck, so they give them barely any time, or do the divas suck because they are given barely any time?

@recspec: I am not saying she shouldn't be a wrestler or anything. It just annoys me that shes been the champ for so long when Natalya and Paige are way better.

You do realize how wrestling works right? It doesn't matter whose the better wrestler. I'm not defending the Bellas as I change the channel when they are on, but your comment was laughable. Paige has been champ what, 3 times already? Do you want her to be the Cena of the divas division? That would get boring super quick. Natalya is a good wrestler and I would love to see her positioned more prominently, but the WWE clearly doesn't see her like that.

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You people are crazy and nothing the WWE does is ever going to make you happy. Pretty much every match on the card could be amazing. Do people no longer want to see Ziggler, Ambrose, Barrett, Neville, Cesaro, Kidd, Harper, and Rollins?

You need to separate the TV show from the PPVs. Since the Network started, it's been the best run of PPVs the WWE has ever had. They've been consistently great with only the occasional stinker. Every other era has been mostly garbage with great main events but rarely a great show from top to bottom.

It doesn't matter if all of our favorites are on the show when the storylines are so boring. I love a good wrestled match as much as the next guy, but I need a reason to care why they are wrestling. The lead up to Extreme Rules has been very poor and none of the matches are all that interesting to me.

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@owen99: If you want to see written content on this site, I recommend the community spotlight on Saturdays. There are a bunch of good pieces there every week.

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I think it is freaking depressing that someone who traveled the fucking globe doing freelance work and surfing couches never found a real stable job. Like say what you want about meritocracy and hard work, but Cara Ellison was one of the fucking hardest-workingest people in the game industry and it never clicked for her.

Welcome to the creative industry. It's not a guarantee she'll be successful in another area of writing at all. There might be more stable jobs to apply for when she's not limiting herself to one area, though.

Maybe I'm just extra depressed about it because I feel like I've heard Dan exclaim the virtues of hard work (and its rewards) in this industry every few weeks, while female writers doing good work are dropping out of the industry like crazy.

Also I feel like I'm not doing enough personally to support people like Cara and it hurts. Like how can I expect people to support me one day when people like her are so much more devoted to the hustle than I am? How do we fix this problem? Or are we just going to lose critical game writing jobs because people would rather watch a live stream?

Dan was lucky enough to land his first job when games writing jobs still existed. His hard work definitely helped, but his a big part of his success is due to being around at the right time.

The same thing can be said for any creative industry. They are all constantly evolving and if you aren't evolving with it, you're going to get passed by.

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I never watch the live stuff due to work and not having an easy way to watch it on my TV. I watch through Internet Explorer on my Xbox One since it can play HTML5 video.

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Remedy is in a weird position. They're a one game at a time studio, so it takes them a long time to make a game. If Quantum Break is a hit, I can easily see Microsoft quickly green lighting a sequel. That would put Alan Wake 2 off indefinitely. If QB isn't a hit, they are in a tough spot of having two under performing games in a row and another developer might not want to take a chance on Alan Wake 2. I love Remedy and hope that everything works out for them. I would absolutely love Alan Wake 2.

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This could have been huge. If I were Showtime I'd find whatever money he needs.

If they couldn't come to an agreement on budget/money issues after 16 months of discussions, then one or both sides were unwilling to compromise. Showtime had to have given Lynch a budget estimate when they first agreed to the series. So maybe Lynch's scripts exceeded that and Showtime said "no, we already gave you a budget, now work with it."? There was also the reports of Lynch wanting more of the DVD/Streaming money. I'd say both sides are probably at fault here, but who knows really. Like you said though, Showtime would get a lot of goodwill towards their network/brand if they now gave in and let Lynch have his budget. That said, it could set an awful precedent for future shows they, and other networks, make.

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How come no wrestler has ever had a "my finisher is to steal the other guys finisher" gimmick? Or even a "random mystery finisher" where it changes every match, from the tombstone to mr socko. I was watching some Dean Ambrose matches and I adore the guy, but the butterfly DDT is not a great finisher. The random thing would fit his lunatic gimmick really well and get excellent pops.

There's been guys who have stolen the finisher of the person they are feuding with, but I'm not sure if someone's entire gimmick was stealing other finishers. I'd love to see it too, but can't help but feel that it kind of breaks wrestling. If anyone can do anyone's finisher whenever they want, finishers kind of lose what makes them special.

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Certain first person games give me motion sickness. I only really got into video games over the last 5 or so years, so its hard to tell if this is something that would always happen or only a recent thing. Gone Home caused it if I played for too long. Jazz Punk did it to me within 5 minutes. There was nothing I could do to play that game, which was a bummer.

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I've had it with re-masters and re-releases. Give me something new. I would love for my new console to be something more than a Netflix machine.