Sometimes its really hard to decide what one wants, I'm unsure of what I should get my self to eat.  by the way SGU is a really bunk show then again so was Atlantis and so was like the last 4-5 seasons of SG1....


Review to a Kill *sesselers Soap box transcript*

Users: we'll you know your completely out of step with the other reviewers.
Adam Sesseler:What the fuck!! what do you think we do get each other on the phone and hey you giving it a 4? you giving it a 5? you giving it an 8.72? well okay I'll make sure I score it within a couple of points of that so we all look like we are ******* unanimous.
Adam Sessler: Come on think about it for a second If you guys expect all reviews to be of exactly the same quality, and Numerical Value or whatever that is then why don't we all quit our jobs and we'll just have this one dude and we'll call him...THEEEEE REVIEWERRRRR


And then he can tell you what you've all ready found out for your self...IS THAT YOU LIKE THE GAME!!! Which Makes me wonder what makes such a big deal about us NOT liking the game in our own right.

Adam Sesseler:I mean really there's something that really bothers me about how people read reviews and respond to them, they've clearly all ready bought the game, they've formed an opinion about the game and it tends to be a very strong one and when they read an opinion that's equally as strong but contrary to theirs they suddenly take offense as though I went to their house pointed at their mom and said shes fat.

Adam Sesseler: That's not what happened there, your clearly very satisfied with this game so whats the hell I have to say have to do with anything? really its all most as If the reviews are some way for you to feel more secure about your self and the opinion you've developed and If that's the case then that's a little sad cause If your gonna go out on boards and say I'm a racist and that I don't know how to review a game after doing it for 10+ years, and you really just need that review so you can feel justified to the rest of your friends who may not like the game, and that the game you have is a good game and your opinion is right we'll that's just kind of sad.
Me: I wrote this up because I've been noticing more often then late that people do this, they bitch at reviews treat them as below standard, that the site has bias because they don't agree with the review not because its a bad review.


So happy

got my halo reach 360s pre ordered with 137 out of pocket cost. got the halo reach wireless headset on ship to me.
Currently I'm gonna play some DQIX then mow the lawn and weedeat finally.


User reviews: If a game is bad you better like it or...

Even If a game is bad in your opinion you better like it, cause you won't get recommended if you dont like it.
I've noticed the hypocrisy on more sites then just this, But its odd...Generally reviews that find a game disfavorable don't get recommendations why? I am unsure, some sort of mental disorder I supposed. For some reason people dislike criticisms even when they agree with it, and find it easier to agree with and recommend reviews that find any game to be favorable.


All the things wrong in my opinion with the Last airbender movie

this is ripped from a post by me over at escapist.
 rotten tomato's and all the nay Sayers are actually right here this movie is total and complete trash, I am a big fan of the animated series.. though I disliked the abrupt and somewhat unexplained ending of that series but I still loved it as a whole.

But this movie is complete trash and just barely follows that story with most of the source material as scarlet said eviscerated and left to bake in the sun, changes to scenes that never needed to be made, not including scenes that could have been included, the fact this type of movie should have been 2 hours at least or 2 and a half instead of 1 hour and 43 minutes it would have been better with a 2 hour or 2 and a half hour length they could have added far more scenes from the animated show then they did.

Acting is bad, its bad from nearly every single actor except 2, Dev Patel as Zuko, and Shaun Toub as Iroh, but even their characters were crap they were nothing like the animated series characters but then again no character in this movie matched the animated characters and for no reason at all, the acting was bad but the characters were written different then they were in the animated series. Ong (or ongalongabeen bang, instead of Aang) is not a happy carefree character like he was in the animated series with a load of responsibility on his shoulders and him growing up, Katara is not happy just sad and emo, the same with Sokka who is just a useless character here but had at least some value in the animated series, Zuko isn't an angry angst filled teenager betrayed by his father or any thing, and Iroh is not the happy, peace loving wise cracking tea loving old man hes just there...with a little anger and no cares for whats happening around him. Fire lord Ozai is just...angry face...I'm the fire lord...angry face instead of being a sadistic psycho...The animated series...made for CHILDREN has more emotional range then this movie with each characters having their laughs, and loves, and angers and hates...and violence...something unseen in this movie.

Effects are complete and total crap, along with the choreography...going to this movie is much like going to see Sorcerers Apprentice and each person casts a single spell the entire movie, you don't make a movie where the concept is there are people capable of controlling the elements then do so few scenes with this actually occurring, and the martial arts *choreography* are complete and utter crap with most of the characters doing very little in these departments and the stuff they do do being total crap...Dev Patel and a few background characters and extras being the only ones note worthy in this area. In the animated series it was a short set of movements that produced elemental this a whole dance routine before even a single thing happens often without any force it should have had...the moves often look exactly the same, yet the animated series each nations bending was based on unique and different martial arts. What was up with the fuzz? whats up with the close ups? I noticed this whether it was my theater *not a chance my theater has never failed me* that the entire movie had a fuzz to it...and often scenes that needed no close up had them...there was an entire scene of Katara Sokkka and Ong are talking and it switches from an extreme close up of Sokka and Katara to an extreme close up of Ong...back and a scene where they could have just between standing together face to face talking...without the individual extreme close ups.

Mispronouncing simple names with all ready set pronunciations...the largest offense here is Ong instead of Aang there was literally no logical reason for him to be called ong instead of Aang Aang works, Its how you pronounce that, it was set forth in the animated series? why change it...there are other problems but I'll get to another problem now.

Racial Ambiguity...the animated series had it, except for a few characters it was not obivious what race the characters what do they do? they make the entire southern water tribe except 3 people Inuit (eskimos) the entire north tribe is whites, the entire fire nation is indians, and the entire earth kingdom is a mix of Asians.
the animates Series was racial Ambiguous. they were clearly able to get the races hired they could have hired more races then they did as actors and just mixed them up, with different races comprising up the different nations so as to convey the Racial Ambiguity...but they didn't and that made the movie suck even more.

This movie sucks, it killed the inner child in me that liked Avatar the last airbender.
P.S: One of the major problems with Martial arts is Noah Ringer, Noah Ringer is an unknown this is his First movie, he was plucked up at a casting call For airbender, In real life he has been practicing Taekowndo for years he holds a first degree black belt in it in real life. yet all of his actions and martial arts in the movie are stilted and jerky with obvious hesitation from him on what hes doing here and there, you would think someone trained as he is would do better, but as it turns out the person that did do most of the training of the actors a martial arts Choreographer was then ignored during filming he taught them but was not brought in to supervise the scenes they were just left to do what they have been taught without any other direction. 


Ragnarok Online, a Regretful mishmash

So I've been playing Ragnarok DS lately quite a shitty game its just copied and pasted crap from the online MMO with some trite cliche'd story line added on.
So In an urge to play the actual game which I've tried a few times before. I search for the client...Obviously one goes to the main page and downloads the main client right? we'll having utorrent I opted to get the torrent download...didn't work it just refused to download the torrent...the main page link was downloading at like 100kb or less so that was like a few days download so I opted to find a faster download, Nearly every other source and mirror found on the RO webpage was for a version 12 or so and with version 13 I thought hey its just one patch.
So a'downloading I go, Get it downloaded and installed and it refuses to connect to the server, Just sits there static like try every thing in the form of changing permissons...ect some sites cite letting it sit there for a while which I did, still nothing so In hopes it might speed up I download the client from the main download link over at the iRO site...took a few hours but finally finished...installed...will not play..Keeps saying Ragexe.exe failed to write...So searching, Searching...find that the makers of the game don't have it set in the install instructions to give the OS permission to change files in vista or windows 7 so more security changes..then I look around...where is the folder...its not in Program folder (x86) where most of the 32 bit stuff goes on Windows 7 no it installs in the 64bit program go there change the folder securities and let it download the patches...*plural* account isn't paid up? yeah I know this but Im trying to play on the free service and the EXE only pooped out 2 exe's ragnarok online and sakray...I know for a fact I've played for free in the a searching I a'go lol.
    we'll it seems they rolled the free client into the premium client download, it should have pooped out 3 exe's...the 3rd is in the gravity/ragnarok online folder you have to specifically go find it.  So Off I go...wait...Updates? you mean I have to individually update each client? *found this out cause he thought sakray might have been the new free client* so I do so...long update...again...
  So I finally get it updated start her up...whats this? my old lvl 37 swordsman...I thought I had deleted him when I last stopped playing, so I boot him up and I'm in a cave somewhere near geffen with loads of familiars, zombies and such, I can hold My own for the most part but about 50 of them gain up on me as I try to leave and I die...restart from last save...outside prontera culvert....BOOM dead...what? oh someone has used a dead branch and summoned some morea of thantos or something...dead...dead...dead...dead...About 30 other characters dead in my area can't revert to save cause I just die as soon as I load up......FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU city ragnarok!!! Now I know why I stopped playing this City game.



Marveling at the New quest system and some of the stupider quests all so sad there was a limited edition one....


A complaint to toys r us.

 I am emailing you to make a complaint about store #8902

I received my local paper on and saw the toys r us ad for Indiana the January 31st-February 6th ad and saw that bioshock 2 could be preordered at toy's r us and upon pick up of said game one would receive a big sister, little sister figure 2 pack with the preorder and pick up of the game on the 9th per the ad with the Sunday paper, now the only stipulation I can see at the bottom in small text is that quantities limited no other restrictions.

So on February 8th i cancel my preorder at my local gamestop since the toys r us deal is better and i travel to my local toys r us which is 12.8 or so miles from my house and i preorder the game  at 6:08pm at this time the employee i dealt with did not even know about the deal, and i had to show him the ad.

February the 9th the day the game released the majority of indiana was hit with a snow storm, and I had no possible way to get to the toys r us that day, let alone within the time limit i today learned i had to get the game in to get the figurine, so I wait till today and being able to drive to my local toys r us, I go in and learn that i am not allowed to get the figurine, the manager on duty whom i was not able to get the name of because he avoided me says it was in the ad that to get the figurine for free one must pick up the game between store opening and 2 pm on the 9th I ask for the ad and he gives me a completely different ad print off then the ad from the paper that i have then he walks away with out talking with me or any thing and avoids me the rest of the time, suffice to say no consideration was given that i am 12.8 miles away and could not pick up the game the day earlier let alone come in within the 6 hour window given by his ad which is not even mentioned in the paper ad i have that it has to be picked up by 2 pm that afternoon.
I got my 5 dollars refunded and i purchased the game elsewhere, I am not going to be giving my money to a store that does not divulge the rules surrounding a preorder purchase, gives no consideration that i was unable to pick up the game that day let alone within the 6 hour window given thats not even mentioned in the news paper ad, and certainly not to a store where the acting manager just walks up hands a print out to me and walks away and avoids me till i leave.

I returned to the store i should mention at 7:50pm February 10th the manager on duty was working at that time, Since i was incapable of getting his name since he avoided me that should be information you could use to find out who the manager was on duty.
   I am quite angry about this the fact that i wasted my time driving down to your store to preorder a game, then driving back and wasting my gas and time just to be  treated so rudely and was unable to acquire what i was basically told i would receive upon preordering Bioshock 2.   Your company should really work on its store managers ability to deal with customers, let alone being able to divulge all the stipulations behind a preorder program at the time of preorder, As well i can confirm the January 31st-February 6th ad does not mention a time limit to receive the game and with the snow storm i can bet hardly any one was able to take advantage of the preorder bonus that day any ways, there were no limited supplies the employee i delt with readily went into the video game store room and got the figurine 2 pack and the game i had pre ordered.

I should all so mention the ad was no where in the store when i preordered the game as i said i had to enlighten the employee at the video game kiosk my self about the pre order bonus and was told not once about a time limit or i had to pick the game up the 9th to receive the figurine.
Now If the stipulation is that i had to pick up the game on the 9th that is fine, but there is nothing mentioned in the jan 31-feb 6th ad and there was no ad in your store and i was not advised by the employee at time of pre order  about a time limit, and i was treated rudely with out any consideration when i came to pick it up and was told basically NO.
thank you for your time,
William Baker
P.S: as well i should add the ad that i have does not mention the offer for the big sister little sister firgune set is only available to rewards r us members like the printed ad he gave me says. it is lucky i signed up for rewards r us when i pre ordered the game or i would have been ineligible.

""ignore obvious spelling and setence structure errors*