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I'm going to try answering some of these questions.

1. I'm guessing just good old fashion detective work. He has an army of goons and plenty of resources. It's not impossible to figure out Batman's identity. Hugo Strange did it in Arkham City.

2. Assuming the Batcave is under Wayne manor I'm guessing Bane just stumbled upon it when he raided Wayne Manor.

3. This is harder to answer. The scene in the hotel with the Joker gave me the impression that Bane really didn't do it for the money. But then again according to his secret tape his goal is to find alternative to Venom to quell his addiction to it.

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Daily Dota comes back for it's first episode in what seems like months, basing an episode on a major patch and still you people manage to bitch about it.


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I played this for the first time in 2012 and the alien spaceship BLEW MY FUCKING MIND IN 2012.

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2013 is the new 2007 which was the new 1998

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Seeing how the Persona 3 MC is dead I'm going to give it to Persona 4 MC.

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Can anyone think of a game that went from announced to canceled this quickly? This might be the fastest.

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Only if they get Drive Club guy to narrate it.

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So if you listened to this week's podcast Jeff told the story of how he met Ryan and mentioned the Suburban All Stars. Unfortunately the Suburban All-Stars website is in a bare-ass status only hosting 2 live recordings.

Lucky, thanks to the good people of Archive.com you can visit old Suburban All-Stars website which features not only their original songs but also live recordings and remixes.


If you want to listen to specific songs featuring Ryan they are "Some of the Real", "In the Can In the Can", "Stop (the All-Stars)" as well as a cameo in "Birthmark".

Unfortunately the best Ryan Davis song "Girlfriend" is a Suburban All-Stars MySpace EXCLUSIVE which can be found here.