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2013 is the new 2007 which was the new 1998

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Seeing how the Persona 3 MC is dead I'm going to give it to Persona 4 MC.

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Can anyone think of a game that went from announced to canceled this quickly? This might be the fastest.

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Only if they get Drive Club guy to narrate it.

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So if you listened to this week's podcast Jeff told the story of how he met Ryan and mentioned the Suburban All Stars. Unfortunately the Suburban All-Stars website is in a bare-ass status only hosting 2 live recordings.

Lucky, thanks to the good people of Archive.com you can visit old Suburban All-Stars website which features not only their original songs but also live recordings and remixes.


If you want to listen to specific songs featuring Ryan they are "Some of the Real", "In the Can In the Can", "Stop (the All-Stars)" as well as a cameo in "Birthmark".

Unfortunately the best Ryan Davis song "Girlfriend" is a Suburban All-Stars MySpace EXCLUSIVE which can be found here.

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Not a traditional Bombcast but I bet a short 15 minute thing explaining what happened and what their future plans are.

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@yukoasho: As long as it doesn't get caught through customs.

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A few of things:

  • The inconsistently of stealth killing Tickers is irritating. Sometimes stealth killing a Ticker goes off with fault, other times it alerts EVERYTHING.
  • Joel's magic 'sound vision' is too overpowered. I can see though walls 20 meters in front of me and know exactly where someone is purely based by sound. This is justified by Joel's years of experience but when you control Elle she manages to learn it in a few months.
  • The game is just too long for something with little variety. Sometimes you fight infected and the other times you fight people with guns. At no point do you fight anything else or even the two groups together. This might of worked with your typical 7-8 hour game but not a 15+ hour adventure like this.
  • Human enemies are bullet sponges. It's overlooked in Uncharted because of it's over the top nature but when you're going for a gritty realistic survival game and a guy can take a shotgun blast and just walk it off then it sticks out.
  • Useless weapons. I only used the flamethrower once or twice. Also, I didn't even get an assault rifle until the last 20 minutes of the game.
  • I hated the upgrade system. The fact that I cannot upgrade certain items because I'm not up to the correct 'upgrade level' is bullshit. Same with the pills. I shouldn't be punished with weaker weapons late game because I didn't scavenge enough.
  • There are multiple times where I didn't know where to go. Almost all of it involved pushing something in the environment that either looks like everything else or seems irrelevant.

I don't think this is the game that redefines a genre like most people are saying but I liked it enough to give it a recommendation.

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I'm sad because Dave Snider but happy because Matt Rorie.

I'm so confused!