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It does the interesting things horribly and standard genre fare worse. Survival Instinct is an ugly train wreck. 0

The Walking Dead series is not a typical zombie story. Instead of focusing on the zombies themselves the story is focused on the characters and their relationship with both the living and the dead. This unique mixture of written drama and intense action has made The Walking Dead one of the number one shows right now. With the success of both the comic and AMC TV show fans expected a video game adaptation of the series with the same gut wrenching drama and violence the series is praised for and t...

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A Refreshing Take on Both Batman and Multiplayer Shooters 0

You can look at Gotham City Imposters as a kind of time capsule for the first person shooter genre from 2007 till now. Almost every single popular concept from the most popular first person shooters is here in some way, shape or form with many coming from the flagship shooters ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’ and ‘Team Fortress 2’. This seems like a somewhat successful recipe but with the added boost of the Batman property, Monolith has created something that despite borrowing bits and pieces fr...

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You'll Enjoy Every Rage Inducing Moment 0

I don’t what it is about  the game genre of ‘ Masocore’ fascinating. I am as easily frustrated with not being able to progress through a game because of an impossible boss or asshole level design. Really, games that are labelled this should be the worst game you ever played. It’s frustrating, unfair and completely and utterly unenjoyable. But that’s not true and I don’t know why. Tell me why don’t I just turn off the game and never touch it again leaving it as only a bad m...

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Space Deer and Flotilla both have the same level of awesome 0

Flotilla is an interesting game. You look at screenshots of the combat and see screenshots of the world map and might think this is from two different games, and you wouldn't be far off. The two parts of Flotilla are complete opposites to eachother and this works well. The cross between Animal Space Adventure game and strategy space combat sim is concepts that somehow work well. This turns out to be quite an enjoyable game.  if you're think that Flotilla is a game that will take hours and hours ...

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Over the top and unoriginal but worth experiencing. 0

50 Cent: Blood on the Cent is a game that I'd 0NEVER thought I would buy at any price. Just having something that has 50 Cent branding on it within my home would receive worried looks from family and desertion from my friends. As the game came out I saw it was getting more favorable reviews when compared to 50 Cent's first shot at video games '50 Cent: Bulletproof".  Also seeing the comments on the story and dialogue from here on Giant Bomb and other outlets I decided that I should find out for ...

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Great Ideas and Good Set Pieces Built on Bad Game Design 0

I didn't really have any hype or expectations for 'Alone in the Dark' when I bought it last week. From what I heard from other outlets is that is was not awful but far from great. That 'Alone' (ha!) was enough for me running out the door and dipping my toes in my first 'Alone in the Dark' game when it launched. Now a year and a half later I wandered into my local JB-HIFI and picked up a few games and 'Alone in the Dark' was one of them. Now that I have played it my opinion of the game is very mi...

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Reviewing Fallout 3 as a semi-sequel to Oblivion 0

I admit that I never played any games in the Fallout series but I did play a mega-ton (see what I did there) of Oblivion. Seeing how Bethesda made both and based most of the elements from the Oblivion framework (as well as add on to it) I had to check it out. So I went to the rental store and got myself a copy of Fallout 3.The game starts out by showing the debut trailer for some odd reason along with the song 'I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire' by The Inkspots (which has been stuck in my he...

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Problems do remain but it's still the better skateboarding game 0

I do admit that i never played the first Skate, but the demo stayed on my hard drive for over a year as i got addicted to the new, interesting control scheme and focus on realism. When the demo for Skate 2 was released i was disappointed by the extreme short time limit to skate around.  I knew then and there that i will own Skate 2 and now i do my opinion on the game has changed.The game starts you off after the events of Skate It for the Wii as San Vanelona has been rebuilted after an earthquak...

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