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A very very sad day indeed.

RIP Mr. Ryan Davis. You will be missed.


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What's the difference between shadow Ryan and normal Ryan? (Personality wise I mean. :) )

Awesome work on these!

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@StalkingTurnip said:

Fortune Street is the greatest TNT ever no question


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For me, I like California, Peeping Tom and Angel Dust a lot.

I also love listening to Director's Cut...

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Argonian: Frizzeli, the sneaky lizard wizard...(My daughter named her and help create her...)

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The Japanese version Tenchu for PS1 (with cheats-on). 
Besides the grappling hook mechanic (which allowed you to go virtually anywhere), I had so much fun messing with the stupid enemies AI. 
You could:  

  • shank a dude
  • drop a poisonous rice ball next to the body
  • when his buddy walks by, he'll go into full alert for JUST A SECOND, until he realizes that there is a tasty treat in the dirt next to the body and eats it. 
Sometimes, I'd do an old cartoon trick by making a trail of poisonous rice ball/sake.  Then I'd watch from the rooftops as a guard would eat/drink one,  fall down for a few seconds, get up, see the next one, and repeat the pattern.  I also had fun dropping bombs on guards, blowing them up, watch them go on alert for a second or two, and then go back to their posts with their heads on fire. 
Stupid North American release made the enemies all smarter. -_-
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@Halberdierv2 said:
" cant figure out that combo question... otheriwse I wouldve been #2 or 3. "
Same here.  (Well, I wouldn't be #2 or 3 but...)
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Ah Faxanadu!  One of my favorite games to play at a friends house when I was a kid.  Mostly because we both didn't have a CLUE on what was going on, and felt that maybe if we put our heads together we could win it. 
Also this is pretty cool remix of the main theme: 

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Left 4 Dead (and L4D2).    
If I ever played with randoms, I'm sure I'd get team kicked within a few seconds...

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I do love me some Portal 2... 

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