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DT880 250 Ohm

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Yeah, I need folder enhancer.

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I use banquet tables, cheap and a lot of free space.

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Within nine and a half hours.

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Half-Life 2 Beta

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I would prefer Crysis with manual power mode back and smaller weapon models.

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I don't remember having any problems with the fight, I think I remember doing some grinding though.

Also, don't play "The Answer."

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Ok, I've used the site at 90% for a good bit now, and had time to sit on it, and can now say with confidence that I much prefer this website at 90% on both my 720 TV and 1080 monitor, OS X and Windows 7 alike.

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I've already modified the css to my needs personally, and if you're bummed about the awful font rendering of Chrome (and Windows in general) you can check out gdipp or mactypetray. gdipp has some memory leaks with some programs and is pretty much abandonware, MacTypeTray still gets updates every once in a while and I've been liking it much more than gdipp.

Nice tip, totally gonna check out MacTypeTray. I've wondered just what the fuck is up with Win7 Chrome's garbage font rendering for a while, and I think I've had enough. Whenever I switch to my Macs, literally everything (especially this website) looks leagues and leagues better.

Yeah, Linux/OSX have font rendering that's miles ahead of Windows and after using Linux for an extended period of time, I just can't live without it.

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<p style="font-size:5em;">Here's some text with some inline-css attached</p>

Oh, so it doesn't even change it into html at all anymore after you edit your posts. Last time I checked the beta site just broke the tag.

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The beta site had inline HTML that was a little different than the old site, but it still worked. When they removed that, you could still copy and paste an image from an external host, but now that throws up an error. RIP HTML/gifs.

The inline HTML on the beta site was pretty abusable (and was abused), so I can see why it was removed. I'm still going to miss it though.


Hmm, so now you have to drag them? I guess someone will always find a way.