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The Wii Wheel was amazing on MKWii, and one of the most competitive ways to play online. I haven't tried it yet with MK8, but hopefully they didn't find a way to ruin it.

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Well as much as I want to see this as a positive thing overall for pushing more money into VR development, I would rather it be almost any other company than Facebook. This has got to feel like a real kick in the dick for kickstarter backers. Kind of sucks that all your money went into making the company look good enough for Facebook to buy it. Kind of like you suddenly realized you were working hard making weapons all this time for the Soviets instead of the USA.

No? It's a fantastic success story. A backer believed in the company enough to fund creating a product, and that product was such a huge deal that someone went out and bought it for $2 billion.

It's mind boggingly fantastic, and a huge win for Kickstarter and all of Occulus' backers. It's baffling how anyone could see this as a negative, as if Facebook was a company like Microsoft or something, known for ruining purchased companies. Quite the opposite.

@frobitz What is even the logic in doing that? Why would you do that? That makes no sense! Nothing has changed other than Occulus now worth two billion dollars.

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Stuff like I Love Mondays (and video reviews) are stuff from a time when Giant Bomb took itself more seriously and made more effort for content.

It would take the current path GB is in to completely reverse itself for that to happen again.

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Looks like the Sonic Cycle continues again. Still, I'm going to pick it up. I still think it looks cool.

The Sonic Cycle hasn't been in play in half a decade. This is the first time in a LONG time.

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This is the most important video game person to have passed away thus far. Very momentous and saddening.

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Congrats on the front page mention!

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The free upgrade is classy and right.

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The increased difficulty of the S-ranks in Unleashed Project did keep me from bothering to S-rank them; but I did like that it was harder, since Generations had it way too easy.

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You made the podcast more enjoyable, LackingSaint. Quite nice.