New Nintendo IP's since 2004

No excuse for missing out.

Not counting casual games or new series with characters from previous franchises or reboots.

The next Smash Bros. is going to be packed.

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Glory of Hercales? That's not new; it dates all the way back to the NES. This one's the first one released stateside, but there were TONS of them before.

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Since this list includes IPs published but not developed by Nintendo, I'm surprised by how incomplete it is. What about Rhythm Heaven, Elite Beat Agents, Glory of Heracles, Electroplankton, Brain Age, Nintendogs, Fossil Fighters, The Legendary Starfy (series started in 2002 in Japan but we just got an entry in 2009), etc.? Nintendo is even the publisher of the Professor Layton series and most recent Dragon Quest releases.

Also add: HarmoKnight