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@FluxWaveZ: They may do 2 reveals at the LA Fight Club thing which is tomorrow.

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@StarvingGamer: he kind of can summon his swords,well he can swipe them from across the screen like at the beginning of the match you can see it.

I really like the way Iron Fist fights.He is definitely going to be on my new team.

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I really hope iron fist doesn't have moves that need to be charged to be any good like Modok.

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@Skogen: What was wrong about Hsien-Ko?
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i would rather play anyone in the game instead of Phoenix. when she can super jump and spam 5 fireballs and just jump up and do it again is stupid. Saying "kill her" is way easier than actually killing her. Whenever i play against Phoenix online they just spam fireballs and then when they turn into Dark Phoenix they just teleport and jam jab until your character dies. she also then shoots 2 fireballs instead of one making the reason everyone hates her even more annoying.Also Wolverine's dive kick and Wesker's teleporting can be pretty easy to get around.

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@emdimian: i'm pretty sure Capcom doesn't decide who gets in from the Marvel side. Seeing as how they have said that in like every interview. Also Frank West was in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom so he will probably fight the same way as he did in that.
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@super2j: there are 12 new characters and 8 new stages spectator mode and everyone is completely rebalanced and old people are getting new skills. The x-factor is changed and the air exchanges are different also. A lot of things are changed in this. There also wasn't an ALL new set of characters in Super Street Fighter IV or Arcade Edition.
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@PhilESkyline: why would they add Ken they already have Akuma and Ryu. That would just be even more of a waste.
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@xhavoc86: you should rewrite that post. 
I am looking forward to using Strider and Iron Fist. I don't know about Phoenix Wright yet. 
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