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@poveren: You now qualify as my best friend. Wanna hang?

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No one has mentioned Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet, and that show is my JAM! Obligatory amazing B99xGB intro video included.

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Quick update: So I bought the game on PS4, and I'll readily admit that I was wrong. The game is just as fun, if not more so, to play than it is to watch. I loved watching Brad and Dan play, but being in control of Agent 47 and all the different routes you can take just makes my brain tingle in the best of ways that you don't get from watching Brad and Dan.

The load times are a little long and it's hard crashed on me once, but I must have spent 6+ hours yesterday in the training and Paris levels yesterday while babysitting my brothers new kitten.

The game is incredible. It's stealth mechanics and subsequent gameplay feel natural and also seem to lean in favour of the player, so you get away with things that might otherwise screw you. I liken this to in movies when the good guys are about to be discovered and caught, but then the guard looks the other way or his buddy calls him to another floor, it's pulse pounding stuff. I got a really cool James Bond vibe from that Paris mission, especially with me taking on a contract to eliminate 5 guards with a sniper rifle in my suit, which meant I had to sneak in through the gardens and climbing across the building to be able to get to my sniper before quickly eliminating all the targets like Daniel Craig did in that once scene from Spectre (you know, with the Stormtrooper shooting level guards while Bond has his auto hit hack enabled).

This game is a treat.

It's fun to just go back in and use your knowledge from previous runs to kill your targets in more and more exciting ways. I think the fiction falls down a little bit where *I* (the player) can predict the future and guide 47 through to kill people in ways that would otherwise seem pure chance and bad luck on the part of the targets.

Anyway, for anyone on the fence about Hitman, I could safely say that, as someone who too was unsure about how much satisfaction I would get, I feel like I've already got my £22.50 worth from the opening chapters alone.

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Am I the only one hesitant to buy it? Watching Brad and Dan play made me really want to get it, but then when I actually saw it was on sale, I wondered if I enjoyed Brad and Dan playing it more than I would actually enjoy playing it.

I dunno, it won't help that I am being extra stingy when it comes to parting with my money, but I think I might be one of "those" people who enjoys others playing a video game more than playing the game myself, despite the game seeming like a real masterpiece of open world design and stealth. Also, I suck at stealth games.

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Ohhhh. TNT, like dynamite. Like a bomb.

Oh god dammit, Ryan you brilliant monster.

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Not great man, but thanks for asking. I'm glad you are feeling great though, which makes me feel a little better. Can't wait to get to the weekend!

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Oh man, if it's really good you should definitely say so. As for your wifes cooking, can't you just talk about how you really like sauces cooked from scratch compared to the "jar crap". You should also totally spend some time cooking with your wife, with you leading and perhaps her sitting in the kitchen, helping out with a glass of wine. nonchalantly drop in how much better you think your sauce tastes compared to "dolmio" or whatever you guys have.

I bet there is food your wife makes that is simply divine and that you might struggle to make or are just not that into making, so use quicker options. In the end, is really a deal breaker? I'd guess not, because you married this woman and had a kid with them, right?

Either way, if the food is good, don't be embarrassed about enjoying it and your wife shouldn't be insecure about you enjoying someone else's cooking. Anyway, good luck. Honesty is always the best policy.

Also, video games.

Also, this.

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Sad to hear, I really enjoyed OMD and OMD2 (played a lot in coop with a good friend) and was looking forward to testing this out with said friend once it was done. I guess it's just the nature of more transparent game development that we see ideas be completely scrapped, disappointing people. I am sure there are people working on the game that are just as sad that this didn't work out.

Two questions I have regarding your post. Was there no tutorial for new players to get to proper grips with what this "siege mode" was and were there tools in place to ensure that information could be communicated easily between team mates, so that if someone who was new to the game started doing the wrong thing, more experienced players could redirect them?

It's a shame about the matchmaking ultimately working against the game, but I don't see a way around that beyond better educating newer players and perhaps letting them play against players at their skill level or in some kind of PVE setting.

To be honest, the MOBA elements are what made this game more interesting for me, simply because I had already had my very enjoyable fill with survival wave based OMD from the first two games, but with the cloak of "early access, pre-alpha, beta" then developers are free to try what they want. Perhaps Siege mode will be reintroduced further down the line once they have balanced it better internally?

Anyway, thanks for the write up. I found it very interesting check up on a game that I once was curious for but had completely forgotten.

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That is so fucking cool. Thank you for making and sharing this with us!

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@skinky said:

Nvidia have revealed the X2 chip...


That thing is very specifically geared towards cars (excuse the pun). Could they have developed a second gaming centred GPU in conjuncture, do you think?