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I wanna read a fanfic written by this guy, starring Dan.

Don't turn this into something weird.

Dude, it's already a little weird. I'm glad you got that off your chest though, do you feel better about it now? I never watched any of the GI content, but I really love the chemistry between Dan and Drew in MGS and Dan is consistently the best part of quick looks, UPF and the bombcast for me. I'm sorry you feel like you've lost out on this thing, but I know for a fact there is something out there that is just as awesome and you just need to find it.

Stanley Goodspeed, duder.

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That's what that stands for, right?

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God dammit Paddy, you are the fucking bomb. Gonna miss you on the site and I can't wait to see what you do next, despite what feels like a shitty vocal minority, you will always be a platinum fucking duder on this site to me and I am sure countless others.

Can't wait for that next Evil Bong trilogy, I don't even know what Evil Bong is.

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That is... gorgeous.

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It isn't the game of the year if it isn't ALL CAPS MUTHA FUCKA.

Seriously, that guy is tradition, like your uncle visiting for the holidays...

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I liked it, I want to see more, but I agree with the above. In the sense of this story, Brad should have been Jeff, and maybe get the guys to have different looks so that it is more obviously a certain member of the bomb squad.

Can't wait for more!

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Perhaps they'll find a way to conveniently ignore Jurassic Park III.

And The Lost World now that you mention it. TLW is not a good movie.

I watched it recently. The film is fine, it's got some great one liners like "How many Sarahs do you think are on this island?" and the stuff with the cheeseburgers (no onions on mine!) Sure it feels silly with moments like the TRex smashing through the immigration sign and the parents complaining about the fish tank, but it's still cool to watch those dinos, which still look really good, living and breathing in the world. Even at 22, I got a little lost in the wonder of the world Spielberg created and forgot that Dinosaurs are actually extinct.

However, feel free to discredit my opinion entirely, because I also really like Jurassic Park 3 and I am looking forward to the next one.

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Is it telling that I thought this was shaky cam Destiny footage up until the energy sword? I guess for all the criticisms that Destiny has against it, feeling bad to play isn't one of them. People need to not freak out at this (and there will be people who will do the whole "HALO IS DEAD BECAUSE THEY DID ADS" thing because this is the internet), I don't think it'll be nearly as much as a game changer as people think. If anything, it'll make Halo more attractive to another generation who are used to ADS for precision shooting.

And how much do you wanna bet there is a control option that allows you to stick the ADS on a controller stick click so you can get through the whole game without actually using it.

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Came for the Sessler, stayed for the Tara and Max and Nick and everyone else. Great channel, sad to see it go. I am looking forward to seeing those guys doing future stuff, I would love them to be here at Giant Bomb if only because I am lazy and would require less mouse clicks to get content from all those guys. I'll follow whatever they do anyway.

Also, channel was awesome because they introduced me to DNews. I love learning things everyday!

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@dudeglove: wait, you're saying Dr. Tracksuit and Jeff are the same person!?! That's ridiculous, how could Jeff represent himself? I mean, during the PAX panel, he said that Dr. Tracksuit was swimming across the Atlantic or Pacific at THAT MOMENT IN TIME. How can he be in two places at once!?!

However, Dave Lang is obviously D-Leazy. No one in the history of the planet is as horrifying as Dave Lang and then D-Leazy shows up? Too much of a coincidence.

(btw, I'm kidding about DL and mean no real offense, that dude is fucking great)