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@dudeglove: wait, you're saying Dr. Tracksuit and Jeff are the same person!?! That's ridiculous, how could Jeff represent himself? I mean, during the PAX panel, he said that Dr. Tracksuit was swimming across the Atlantic or Pacific at THAT MOMENT IN TIME. How can he be in two places at once!?!

However, Dave Lang is obviously D-Leazy. No one in the history of the planet is as horrifying as Dave Lang and then D-Leazy shows up? Too much of a coincidence.

(btw, I'm kidding about DL and mean no real offense, that dude is fucking great)

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@wagwarn3: do you have like a space lighthouse? Is the lighthouse The Sun!?!? The oxygen mechanic sounds good, although ticking down bars in video games always add more stress than fun, imo.

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That's awesome, congrats to the Caravellas!

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Hey, @Russia

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Saints Row introduced me to this. I can only suggest Saints Row keep going forward, never go back.

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It's a damn good movie, although I bet around half of ghosts would say Alien was better.

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Hey, I'm not a million miles away from Mr. Bliss himself @fattony12000. I'm in Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK.

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Kentia Hall will become sentient and unveil a game of it's own, that will go on to become the greatest game ever made. It is an Ouya exclusive.

In all seriousness? Maybe a tease for the new Mass Effect, nothing concrete, just a teaser to close out the EA press conference in a similar vein to Mirrors Edge 2 last year, Battlefront might be the fall release for EA this year to go up against CoD, however I would imagine they are saving that for when the new Star Wars film comes out, so probably Winter 2015, which leaves an EA shooter gap for this year. A new Bad Company game?

Ubisoft could show off some next-gen game that may or may not be Beyond Good and Evil 2 and some Tom Clancy action (The Division, Rainbow 6).

Sony will continue to hype up indies and have a ton of fairly mechanically uninspired AAA games on show and Microsoft will be schizophrenic, going from showing off games for a "hardcore" gamer audience (CoD:AW, which will look great, Halo 2: Anniversary with exclusive beta access to Halo 5 if you preorder) and then some Kinect games for THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Hopefully a gameplay trailer for the new Batman game (I need more Batman in my life!!!). Gearbox really need to reunveil that Inglorious-Bastards-Brothers in Arms game.

I can't imagine Nintendo unveiling any new hardware from a Nintendo Direct, but with recent news that they are in their third quarter of loss on Wii U and 3DS even under performing for this, I can see them pushing another price drop and bundles with those new Zelda games. They really need to show off some awesome games, a new Metroid followed up by a ton of other fun little games to strengthen their eshop?

And finally, the Giant Bombcast E3 coverage will be awesome as ever and hopefully we will get another great time bending video from @drewbert.

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Played with it and left my feedback. Got 9/10 on my first try on the quiz then 10/10 after watching the video. Perfectly fine for teaching youngsters about ancient history in an interactive way, despite it feeling very unoriginal in execution (but if ain't broke, right?)

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Somewhere in the world it's April 1st?