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I won't be surprised if this is a "give the population a reason to support war" type of deal.

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Close down EVERYTHING!

Just moderate personal attacks and rude language. If anytime restrictions are placed after use of heated language, soon enough there will be people checking every comment before it appears.

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Also, anyone who drives on the left side of the road is wrong.

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You kinda die every night when you go to sleep. You just know that you will wake up, but maybe you wont. Now that is a scary thought.

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I have learned to detect click bait articles and to not.. click them. I don't want to promote this way of artificially creating controversy for the sake of generating money for the site. Also this gender representation thing really sounds like quotas to me. You better have this number of this and this or we'll be mad at you!

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The evolution of overused GB words:

gnarly - weird - huh

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Its cheaper and easier to market to an existing fanbase. Its easier to create new content while using a proven gameplay basis. Hell, most of the fans of a franchise will buy the sequel without waiting for reviews or forum discussion to figure out if its any good. It basically prints money. The video game industry is already near the level of Holywoods ability to deliver sequels like its toys from a factory.

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Thats handegg.

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J-just destroy the federal reserve?

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My general rule is that video games are to be played. That goes with good gameplay. Narrative can be created by the player with very little foundation by the devs. HL2 seems like a good example of a dev nailing both elements.