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A chosen person has to save the world using a magical item while winning over allies. Also sex. Fund it!

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Modders can just have a donation button or patreon to be financially supported. This is just a move from Valve to leach 75% of the creators work. Without any security measures people are already selling stolen mods. Mods just turned into DLC.

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The order for the Fractal Design case is in. I had a crush on them since they came on the market.

For the memory i am thinking of buying the Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz. Some say that there isn't much to gain from higher capacity and speed outside of games. I am not using any heavy software right now. RAM is pretty much the easiest thing to upgrade, this will help keep the cost a bit lower.

The biggest worry right now is the PSU.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Not going for small cases. I won't be moving it around for lan parties. The Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 looks clean and functional. It has the option to remove the hard drive trays so it must be able to fit the long video card.

That case has the option to mount a radiator. If the liquid cooling is of similar price to a good air radiator i will consider it.

I'll add an SSD further down the line for sure.

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It has been 5 years since my last PC build and i have been out of the loop on what is good and bad. I have decided on the main components:

GPU - Sapphire Tri-X R9 290
CPU - Intel i5 4690k
Mobo - Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H (I have been recommended this but i am open for a cheaper option if there is any.)

I am looking for a case, RAM, CPU cooler since i aim to overclock, power supply. HDD (1TB is fine, i will be using my old HDD as well).

Please give alternatives to your picks in case the first choice is not available to my local vendors.

As for the budget. I am always aiming for the best bang for the buck. So "black series master ninja pro edition" parts with marginal gains just fly over my head.

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Somehow i stumbled upon the "building a bomb" videos on YouTube.

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- Brad makes a statement
- Jeff corrects an aspect of it
- Brad says: i guess thats right/fair

In every podcast. I bet my life on it.

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Just order from another place. Everything has to be a big deal these days. Everyone is the star in their movie.

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Unnattractive people think that a fashionable hat can instantly make them beautiful. Its a sign of poor judgement.

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I'd love to have a key.