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It isn't important to me. I have no problems with playing as a character with different race, gender or sexual orientation, world views.

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My money my choice. Its ridiculous that there are people dictating what the public in large should consume for their entertainment.

Doctors are free to lecture me about health.

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Sennheiser. But its not a headset, just headphones. Mic on the side.

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Its very mature but also very slow.

I don't know why you dropped Evangelion. Its one of the few shows that dwells into the psyche of people going through awful experiences. Rather than being gung-ho bad ass.

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If there was anyone capable of whipping Torres into shape it would be Simeone. Still kinda skeptical because its seems that Torres isn't as fast as he used to be after a string of injuries at Liverpool. I hope he does well. More competition in La Liga is always welcomed.

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Leave sports games alone!

I'd get rid of MMOs. Its just a chat room with graphics. Exploring the world is the only redeemable aspect.

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Terra Battle. I have never played a JRPG before and i am having fun with it. It looks really well made and the gameplay is challenging and fun. My only gripe is having to go back and replay content to level up characters. Is there any other way of doing it?

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I am very happy for him.

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Every new market has a ton of companies fighting for their share of it. ATi and Nvidia were the success stories.