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If it is PS3 or PS4 you can; sign up for a free US (or EU) PSN account on the same console, buy and download the game from the US (or EU) store and then log into your main account, which will be able to access the game. Plenty of places on the net you can get PSN codes for different regions.

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Completely agree - this game is great. I'm only level 35 scholar but had a blast. Thinking of cancelling but only because with work and a kid on the way I'm not going to have the time to commit a MMO needs with getting to know people in a FC and regularly running through end game content.

One of the big advantages to healer or tank is great waiting times in duty finder. Was arcanist / summoner initially (DPS) and even story stuff wait times were hour plus at times. Healer is < 5mins, often instant. Only problem as you say is I feel I'm not playing the game, just watching bars in the top right.

I found Mr Happys videos on youtube useful also if you want to see more of the game.

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Arrrghhhhh trying my best not to go back to this game so I can play other things but this is making it hard!

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Persona 4, will take up your year.

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By chance recently got this. Only 5 hours in so far but definitely will give you an add once know my way around a bit better!

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Cheers buddy, managed to score this now!


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I'd do a lot worse than sell my company to Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars.