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Because most buy the download code now for PC games?

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Couldnt find this info anywhere.

Does the PS4 have a similar thing to XBOX where you can follow / add people without them having to accept you? Would make the activity feed a little more interesting.

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PSN wilsouk

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Yea looking forward to Christmas, finally got it off first time in 4 years. Got PS4 with AC4 and FIFA 2014. Also folks are getting me Zelda 3DS. Looking forward to it. Not exactly a dearth of games at moment.

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Next gen games being more expensive and EU losing out conversions wise is wrong and nothing new but is the shit we have to eat, because let's face it - they have us, none of us will vote with our wallet on not buy a console.

It's the mind boggling £15 mark up on digital.

Any interest in using a PSN account as above?

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Not getting PS4 till Christmas time, bookmarking this for then though.

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From the UK, was really hoping this was going to chance. Apart from being morally reprehensible they really are missing a beat here pushing digital downloads. Why would anyone switch digital when you pay such a premium?

Eurogamer article

On the PS3 you could buy PSN credit from the US online, make a PSN American account, download the game, sign in to your UK account and play that game. This would give a staggering 50% on some games but is it worth the risk? This may not work on the PS4. Also, if it does, who knows if Sony will patch it out. Maybe multiplayer games are region locked to servers where game is bought, not console...

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I was debating whether to add to this because it doesn't matter and isn't the point, as well as being a little inappropriate.

But still - I'm a practicing Doctor - people don't die from sleep apnoea, but from something else as a consequence of sleep apnoea (Stroke, MI, PE).

But in the end it doesn't really matter. I don't think unreasonable to say were all grieving whether we met him or not, and this is part of it.

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I also have 11 keys, I'm on liamwilson86 on steam so message me there


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I am stuck trying to start the generator in the end game, some how I have managed to not get Fidget's electricity ability. Anyone have the know-how?


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