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I also completely love this game! It would probably make my top 10 games of all time.

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This is awful. I'm sure I am not the only Giantbomb follower who feels like I lost a friend. I can only imagine what his family, friends and the rest of the crew is going through right now. My heart goes out to you guys.

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More content = good, right?

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Yoshi's Island is a fucking amazing game and everyone who says otherwise can eat it.

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So like many people I started a new game immediately after finishing the first run. I'm still pretty early on but I'm already amazed by the new meaning a lot of events and dialogue take on in the context of the ending. For instance, when the Luteces are rowing the boat in the very beginning, male Lutece insists "No, he DOESN'T row." The first time I took this to mean that I Booker was a VIP and they were not to let him row. I realized instead that they must already know how every permutation of this scene will play out, and they know that Booker does not row in any of them.

Of course, the baptism scene in the beginning takes on a new meaning as well. Comstock has a few Voxophone recording in which he muses about the fate of the sinner when the baptized man emerges from the water. I initially dismissed this as a mildly interesting, if confusing, theological thought experiment. He's actually tying his knowledge of other dimensions into his preaching.

Has anyone else noticed any fun new perspectives on events in their second playthrough?

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This definitely needs to happen.

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I don't understand how the teambrad thing is so popular.... one dude earning a relatively easy achievement falls to the bottom of this list imo.

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Dante's Inferno was more fun to play than any of the God of War games.

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@mason: Experimental warfare research I believe allows for the Phoenix cannon Interceptor weapon. Heavy beam weapons allow for the Laser Cannon, and researching a UFO power source allows to to then research the Firestorm (you might need a certain number of Nav Computers and Power Sources first). There are more upgrades from there I'm sure, but that's as far as I've gotten.

The consumable ship items seem to be key for the larger UFOs. The floater autopsy gives you the defense matrix which temporary boosts your fighter's dodge rate, and a sectoid autopsy gets you the targeting boost. I was able to shoot down a large UFO (barely, I got very lucky) with an interceptor equipped with a laser cannon and using one targeting boost.

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Behold my Whiskey Media Strike Force! They're about to assault the alien base so this may be the last time we see any of them alive (playing on Ironman mode)