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@littleemille: Wow.

You should probably edit that into the blog so that people know what you're talking about.

But man, wow.

Seriously. What the fuck.

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For the GiantBombsquad crew

XBOX360: WindFall259

Will attempt to join by tonight.

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Oh God. Fuck.

I'm so sorry.

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Like everything entertainment related, nothing is for everyone. What amazes me is how The Last of Us created this much universal acclaim.

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@sub_o said:

Why stop there ?


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This game is like a goddamn B-15 Iceberg, and yet somehow it still remains fun after many hours of playing it.

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It's not obvious at first, but this is where the discrepancy button comes in handy for unique situations like this. You highlight the name of the card the stripper gave you, as well as the same name of the man's passport. If not, it's somewhere along those lines; I know for a fact that one of the correct highlights is the card.

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This game is like looking at a mirror. Fuck.

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See you guys in game.

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Most of the time, story writing in games is an afterthought until the mechanics and tech have been laid down. That's just how it is.

I feel that Tomb Raider was made with two different visions: one focused on the game and the other focused on the story. The conflict between them is clear with the whole "first kill" ordeal, but I don't think the story was a complete failure.