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City of One 0

Ever since Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the idea of hotswapping never died down for me as an exciting concept. Modern Combat did the best it could to provide that feeling of playing as an "Army of One," but clunky controls and confusing camera perspectives detracted from the potential experience.It is my pleasure to write that Driver: San Francisco is the spiritual successor of hotswapping, and it's improved and much more fun. Forget being an "Army of One," you are now playing as a "City of One...

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Keeping it as Needed 0

By now, the overview of the Guild Wars: Factions page has been overloaded with information. Here's the review part:  Guild Wars: Factions has been tailored more for fans of the previous and original game, even though the game stands by itself. The level cap to 20 is much easier, and the campaign wastes no time into getting the player right into the heart of skilled action, rather than the long exposition from the previous game. Also, you only get free skills by starter quests, and the rest you h...

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