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I played the 360 version, it felt so empty. I really feel like they're doing console players wrong by even releasing it, especially since it's going to sell most their.

I got it on PC today, it's the beta.

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Ninja Blade?

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Well, it's my money isn't it?

They won't be getting any of it. I was also kind of interested but fuck it now.

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I pronounce them with a slight difference.

Being from MA though I pronounce a lot of other words a bit strange.

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Looks like the most different call of duty in years.

I'm impressed and interested, not sure if I entirely trust their ambition though.

This could either be honestly great or a train wreck, and I still can't tell.

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Good for all the hype they're getting, and good for all of you for enjoying the franchise and getting excited.

I'll be over here in my dark sad corner ''full'' of people who couldn't get in to Arkham Asylum.

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I'm in. Cool skins and i'd buy all this day one anyway.

I really want to not play any other games, lets see if I keep to that and resist generic shooters.

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@ThePhantomnaut said:

Welcome to the world of Street Fighter III. There are no SFIV shortcuts. Also I found it hella easier to shoryu in 3s just because I do the actual motion all the time. I found the timings very similar.

Ha. Thanks.

Not sure if you referenced the menu music on purpose.

Alright i'll...actually spend time to learn another fighting game. But does that mean street fighter 2 had shortcuts as well?