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@BabyChooChoo @TobbRobb Check you PM box.

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Keys spoken for.

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I have an extra key as well if anyone is interested.

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The new position and sizing of the chatbox is a welcomed change. Haven't tried out the IRNV yet (the American RDS or ironsights are enough).

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Thanks for the information regarding buybacks.

Having never seen more than 5 minutes of DotA in action (my only MOBA experience being a year of LoL), I find watching Dota 2 to be fascinating. I have gone from being indifferent towards Dota 2 to being ridiculously excited for its release.

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@Mageknight: Does the cost of buying back in scale with either time or amount of uses?

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Thanks for the link! Makes for nice background music while playing LoL.

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@TotalEklypse: You might want to look into Red Orchestra 2. Not sure if it totally fits what you're looking for but judging from the original Red Orchestra it will probably be the best/one of the best games walking the line in terms of enhanced realism while keeping the tempo up.

Very cool news that this is being implemented in BF3. In BFBC2, "keeping heads down" with a squad automatic weapon more or less gave every enemy sniper something to shoot while giving little to no tangible benefits to balance the risk.

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The Pacific has a few really good scenes but BoB can't be matched, in my opinion.  Also Lt. Spears.. enough said.

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Downloaded the demo to hold me over for a day or two until I buy it.  The wait became much more unbearable.  Outstanding sequel to one of the best franchises on the PC.

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