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UPF did in fact happen today, not sure why the archive's a little later than normal, but if it's just processing it could very well still show up in the next hour or so.

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A little while ago a dedicated Wind Jammers arcade machine showed up on Game Center CX when they were in Paris showing off stores/arcades. I saw the episode just shortly after its popularity peaked amongst Giant Bombers and admittedly got pretty excited. Their description of it was pretty funny, too (though not intentional).

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Isn't this being worked on by Giant Bomb's very own community moderator @chaser324? And yeah, I'm pretty excited for this too.

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@excast said:

I realize Giantbomb is small and all, but it is super weird that they were given funding to higher two people exactly a month before that many people in the same office get axed. I hope that this doesn't end up affecting this site at all, but who can say?

No, the two are entirely unrelated. Giant Bomb and Gamespot are two different businesses, putting more money into one has no impact on the other, they just happen to be in the same CBSi office. It seems pretty clear that the written side of Gamespot had their success floundering, even with a lot of very talented writers it doesn't seem like written content is what mass audiences are as interested in anymore. As a business you give more budget to the website that's growing, not the one that's losing pageviews. The situation isn't a matter of, "money at CBSi is tight, if they hadn't hired two new people at Giant Bomb then two people at Gamespot wouldn't have lost their jobs", this would have happened if Giant Bomb hadn't hired anyone or had hired ten people.

That said, best of luck to everyone who was laid off today. It looks like the complete list is @justicecovert @carolynmichelle @TomMcShea @MaxwellMcGee @GSRyanMac @worndog @beng3, all of whom I'd consider to be really talented people. Hopefully they're all able to land on their feet, either through finding new places to work or making new places to work, I certainly think they all deserve to.

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@ghostnpc said:

@winsord: similar things could be said to owning a physical copy of Parappa the Rapper and a CRT. Due to lag of input on LCD screens, you can't get the same perfect experience anywhere else than on the original setup. Not that Patrick is making that point in the article, just my observation.

That's not really the same thing, though. You could also have a digital copy of Parappa the Rapper on the PS3 and a CRT. There hasn't been a ton of control delay introduced, so the digital/physical aspect of the game has nothing to do with it, just the screen. Of course, then the trouble becomes that the PS4 doesn't support SD resolutions anymore, so you would need an older version to be able to display it in a low-latency fashion.

The other part is that that's only an issue for games up to, and including, the sixth generation of consoles (PS2 era). Anything since then has been designed with the latency in mind, so while you technically could have a "more pure" experience by playing Gears of War on a CRT, it's not the noticeable difference that existed with platformers in the NES era.

You've got a good point, but it's somewhat limited in scope. The easiest way to play retro games as they should be is with the console, on a CRT, sure, but it gets weirder for the games in the interim.

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How do you explain the rising sales of vinyl music?

Vinyl sells for a different reason than most physical media. Buying a physical game is much more akin to buying a CD. It's a physical disk, sure, but all of the content on it is digital. Listening to something on vinyl gives it a very specific quality of sound that differs from any digital setup. Part of the draw to vinyl is definitely just having large sleeves with the artwork on them and some physical intrigue, sure, but it mostly has to do with the different experience you get from listening to it than you do from a computer.

Games are now much more similar to CDs. You rip them to your computer (install them to your system) and then the disk is a lifeless husk that just takes up space (DRM for the consoles).

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@idoublespy said:


I got the book back. The store manager was very cool about it. So now I have a book I could care less about owning, but I have it back.

That seems very kind/generous of them, I'm glad you were able to get it back. I suppose she still has the signature though, which is too bad after what you did to get it and get the book back. The only thing is, now you've got to hold onto this book that you don't really have any interest in, and all it's going to do is remind you of this crappy situation.

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I'll always flag/report it, and I'll never engage. >99% of the time, the person who's written the comment is going to be so set in stone in their opinion that trying to change it is futile; it's not worth the aggravation to try and make them see differently. Besides that, it's also an incredibly easy way to 'troll' people, so to converse with them is to give them what they want. The worst thing for most of these people would be to never be acknowledged; they never get a response, but rather just have their comment silently removed.

It's kind of a double edged sword in that you need to entrust a lot of faith in the moderators who wield it, but I really like the 'shadow ban' system Reddit has. When shadow banned, a user can still make posts like normal, but nobody else can see their posts, so they're left without any positive/negative karma and absolutely no responses to their comments. For a lot of people, being a ghost is worse than being hated.

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If each of the planets only take as long to complete as Earth did in the beta, then that's pretty disappointing. It took me about two hours to get through the story missions on Earth, and about and then another half hour to get to level eight, completing the Fireteam mission and some of the throwaway quests. If there's just five of those areas before DLC, and I've already played through the first one twice, that doesn't make me terribly excited. Hopefully they're just trying to be secretive about what will be in the rest of the game, and/or that the other areas have more to them than Earth did. I enjoyed my time with the beta so I'll remain hopeful, but this doesn't bode well for the amount of content I'd want from this style of game.

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I'll listen to the Persona 3/4 soundtracks when I'm missing those games, but that's it. I end up turning game soundtracks off an often lot in favour of my own music if it's not a story driven/atmospheric game.