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This is some preemptive ass preemptive thread.

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I fell asleep during it live and woke up in a haze and bummed out that I didn't had the inner strength to last it all the way. Went to check out the archive and realized I missed the last 10 minutes. So close.

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Anyone else saw the title and thought it was another suicide?

wait... ANOTHER suicide? What?

We've had a small handful of people use a forum thread as a suicide note over the past year or so. At least one person is still an active poster.

Don't tell me that's what happened to that guy who would always come up with the most random topics and polls? I feel really bad for not remembering his name.

Hizang? No, he got banned for linking to porn in the last day or two of the old site, when posts weren't going to be carried over.


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Change is scary. I'm scared. Someone hold my hand.

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Hmm, yes yes. Hmm... yes.

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Surely what they are looking for is someone with a totally different background and has nothing in common with the people working there. Guys, I've got this.

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"New hardware"? Huh.

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All I could read was that Giant Bomb will be under seaserpent rules for 2 hours.

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Is there any indication if the Vinny and Richie G show, The Royal Rumble and the Kleptok+Zoe are going to be archived in any way, shape or form?

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I'd also like to say that this is some lovely formatting. I swear I can never get blog posts to look the way I want them to and this just looks fantastic.


Kidding aside, good stuff Patrick!