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SMALL BUSINESS MAN!!! Video games are saved

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@basm321 said:

Wait?! What?! The end of the year debates have begun?!!!!!!!!? The waiting is going to feel like days...

I don't think that's the end of year debates yet. On Jeff's Mixlr yesterday him and Alex were saying that none of them had tried Persona Q yet because they needed a retail version for their capture kit. There was some other stuff that seemed to indicate they weren't at the podcasting stage yet. Everyone is in town but I think they are just doing preproduction on the end of year bits at the moment. The actual podcasting, writing and filming will be done later in the week or next week if I had to bet.

I remember someone (Jeff on the pre-thanksgiving stream?) saying that unlike previous years, the GOTY discussion podcasts would be recorded in the 1st week of December (usually it happens on the 2nd week).

That photo though was from this week's bombcast recording.

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No podcast should have all that power


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@jslack: Yeah, it has been workin for the last couple of days. Danke schon

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@jslack: any word on that ugly video download menu?

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@puppies4life: Fixed for me. Though, I didn't get a notification for your reply. Not sure if that's a bug or if you didn't @ properly.

Edit: This reminds me, the dropdown menu for the download option in the videos has been janky for a while. Not sure if it's related with this or not.

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I didn't mind the almost irrelevant storyline in Escape From Tomorrow and I enjoyed the very "unacting" acting of it all. The multiple "chase the french girls" sections were a great example of the "story" level and the amateurism quality of the acting.

3 out of 5

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Drop down menus are not working for me, please fix.

(Have fun in Amsterdam)

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@markiel said:

Hi there. Im a Diamond tier league of legends player. Id reccomend you to start with LoL. Its easier (for me personally) and more fun and fast (DoTA is kinda slow for me idk). But be warned there will be alow of nagitivism from most of the players (sorry about that, but all games have those), just ignore them and try to be positive :)

Dude, I know right. All these games now with this nagitivism crap. Ban Naga, that's what I say, amirite or amirite?