Killing Floor is a lot of fun! [Video]

I was suprised at how much fun I was having in this game. Its more co-op and less competitive than the trap-setting survival sprint that is L4D1 & 2. Even though its technically just a wave based survival game, something about the maps and the tension of only being to move so fast, and the great feel of the guns just makes me dig this game. I got it for free on Steam as one of the gifts I got instead of coal. Here's a video of me demonstrating the game mechanics to a skeptic friend.


Gotta get that Steam Coal...[Video blog]

Little bit of a demonstration of the game itself, how it compares to other mobas, and of course netting that sweet sweet coal. When we recorded this I didn't know the game audio was SO HIGH compared to the mic inputs, so sorry about that, I'm away but its one big fraps block of sound.


The Worst of Steam: Numen, Contest of Heroes

I played this crap so you don't have to. Save you 2 bucks for jerky, or put it in a piggy jar to save up for your next Whiskey Premium account purchase. Look, sometimes we don't make the best choices in life, but if we can always learn from each other's mistake.


Video thing: Guardian Heroes and Treasure showcase (E1)

 Hey howdy ho, I made a video thing yo.  I hope it entertains.  Part of a threesome coming over the weeks.  VERY early build of an idea, like a pilot, but I'll improve it with time.  Already part two is shaping up to be much better.  DubiousClam is my youtube director account and I hope to keep content coming. 

I also hope to be making up a Demon's Souls guide shortly, one that helps and complements existing site content by demystifying that game.  I'm going through Darksiders at the moment, which I must say wholly improves with time invested.  I couldn't be bothered with it's overly-combat focused entry chapters but I'm coming around now the world is starting to take shape.