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I thought this was actually a great moment, I peered over the edge of the platform into the lake and thought surely, I'm not supposed JUMP in there am I? Then the old man in the chair wordlessly points to that exact conclusion. I loved it.

I get your point, there are some parts that are straight up missing in the final game, I think what they shipped is Bloodborne v0.6 because there are a lot of half baked ideas here. Like when you beat Vicar Amelia, apparently you are given the password to the forgotten woods, but damned if they give you any indication as such other than a vague item description.

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I still think VG are the best use of time when it comes to media consumption/free time. Other than maybe higher literature. Now my obsession with watching VG-based web content is probably quite a bit less healthy.

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DA Inquisition is pretty refreshing for an open world game. Its nice not doing ubisoft tower crap all the time and just explore around to find people and their situational compromises.

Its not like skyrim with one big open map but a seemingly infinite number of medium sized maps that are nicely varied in style

So yes, the combat is ass, but it was utter shite in Skyrim too, but it didnt matter because the focus was on the exploration anyway. I've come to terms with that and am having a good time.

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Nothing hardware wise wrong there! I would stay away from setting MSAA/Anti Aliasing settings any higher than x4, people seem to think 16x is okay, and its essential to "max out" their experience, but 16 passes PER FRAME of re-sampling is so wasteful. If your AA settings are reasonable and your drivers and up to date maybe there is a thermal issue you need to address (processors throttle above temperature threshholds).

Have you tried medium settings just to see what FPS improvements you get?

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Regina, SK, Canada

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I have a 2500k and R9 290 and it runs 60, silky smooth, PROVIDED that I do not have any video open in the background (like a GB HD video). I think it may be the directx hooks or something that this game has, or crappy drivers issues typical of AMD, but having a video just open (paused) causes my frames to dive to 30 in Lords of the Fallen.

It could just be that the 290 is just barely enough to keep 60 if nothing else is accessing vram, and the 280 isn't enough? All my settings are maxed.

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The art direction and world structure were both vastly inferior in Dark Souls 2. DS2 seemed to be kind of a lost mish mash of ideas from the first two Souls games. That being said, I don't think DS2 is a bad game at all, its just not as "perfect" as Dark Souls, and its not as enigmatic as Demon's Souls when we were all truly lost learning the systems, wondering what mystery we might unravel next. So I'd say Dark Souls 2 is so far the weakest entry in the series both technically and spiritually.

Since the director was not involved with DS2 it comes as no suprise. I had a lot of fun going through DS2, but there were areas that weren't just challenging but outright uninspired and poor, like Earthen Peak. The bonfire layout was clumsy and confused - some areas had excessive bonfires, some had them in the most bizarre locations (like the one in the Iron Keep, at the bottom of a ladder). And the world was so split in three directions it may as well have been linear. Its a good hybrid of the two previous games, but less than the sum of its parts.

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There aren't too many games I give a crap about this year and this is one of the few that I do. As long as its sufficiently nerdy (lets you fool around with your stats and equipment upgrades) I think it will work well.

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These are two of my favourite games of the year, hands down. Spent $80 for the both them, which is major value considering that there's total junk out there like Destiny which is $60 for just itself.