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Metal Gear Scanlon.

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I had a $200 guitar once, and it was horrible and constantly went out of tune. My $600 Epiphone Les Paul is solid as a rock and doesn't go out of tune. I've never heard good things about the cheapo guitars. The wood used has to be of a certain quality or it will constantly warp the neck and the truss rod will never stay in place.

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Cutter Brunswick applying for corporate employment! (Sent in game as I posted this)

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I'm not sure why I'd get a console any more other than

A) hardware lust

B) some sort of exclusive "must-have"

Just put it on steam and they will get my dollars.

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I approve of this build. The 5900rpm hard drive though.... I'm not so sure on that. Spend a few extra bucks on a Caviar Black (or even Blue).

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Hunters have told me it usually takes a good number of SLUGS to kill a bear, and they have to be in the right places. Reminds me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcsLaSBWG9k

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Its going to be a transitional couple of years, so its been a bit of a bummer. However, DayZ has been huge for me as I've sunk probably a thousand hours into it, and stuff like Sleepy Dawgs and XCOM have been big hit suprises. Even though I thought the singleplayer of Mass Effect 3 was assy, the multiplayer was actually a huge amount of fun. Far Cry 3 might be cool, too. Also, Planetside 2 seems like its gonna be pretty cool once they balance out the "give us money" factor.

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I'm going to have to say the second Resident Evil movie. It was so bad I couldn't get through it. Most awful movies at least I can finish, but that one was unbearable.

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Avengers. It was so nutty and stupid that it took awhile for me to adjust to it before I started enjoying it. Overall I liked it, despite magical pokey heart sticks.

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I'm surprised anyone would actually want ME3 to get any nods for GOTY. It was kind of a bad. Like not badly produced, but just bad at being a Mass Effect game, and not fun. There were no exploration and quest hubs AT ALL, just the Citadel's awful fetch quest depository in which you had to talk to EVERY npc multiple times to even find them. The story beats were very disappointing steps backward from ME2. The game consisted entirely of just shooting sections, one after another, with almost no diplomacy. And all the plot points just revolved around "Hey remember me?" moments.

Its no wonder that I never finished it, feeling tired of the monotony just past halfway through so I haven't experienced this ending debacle the internet complained about. But, I felt the story just lost all of the bravery in it's fiction, settling for regular action tropes, leaving me no impulse to play the game. And since it was barely recognizable as any kind of role-playing game anymore, there was nothing for me there either. All the roots of brilliance that ME1 seeded and ME2 sprouted, simply bloomed into mediocrity.

There have been better games this year for sure, but none that really stand out to me as THIS WAS AWESOME. Diablo III really didn't do it for me either, while Darksiders 2 was "different" it isn't what I would call "better" than Darksiders 1. Borderlands 2 was certainly longer than it's predecessor, but so very similar its hard to really make it stand out. AC3 is not out yet, but we've already had SO MANY of those games its hard to imagine its really going to blow me away.

So far my year has been spent more enjoying mods as that is where the innovation has been. DayZ I've spent a VERY large portion of the year enjoying because the experience there is so unique. I haven't played too many indie or downloadables but I'm sure there is plenty of quality to choose from there, too. It will be an interesting GOTY discussion indeed since I can't really put my bets on any horse this year, I just don't see any clear winners.

EDIT: However! The multiplayer was fantastic and a LOT of fun.