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These are two of my favourite games of the year, hands down. Spent $80 for the both them, which is major value considering that there's total junk out there like Destiny which is $60 for just itself.

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Metal Gear Scanlon.

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I had a $200 guitar once, and it was horrible and constantly went out of tune. My $600 Epiphone Les Paul is solid as a rock and doesn't go out of tune. I've never heard good things about the cheapo guitars. The wood used has to be of a certain quality or it will constantly warp the neck and the truss rod will never stay in place.

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Cutter Brunswick applying for corporate employment! (Sent in game as I posted this)

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I'm not sure why I'd get a console any more other than

A) hardware lust

B) some sort of exclusive "must-have"

Just put it on steam and they will get my dollars.

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I approve of this build. The 5900rpm hard drive though.... I'm not so sure on that. Spend a few extra bucks on a Caviar Black (or even Blue).

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Hunters have told me it usually takes a good number of SLUGS to kill a bear, and they have to be in the right places. Reminds me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcsLaSBWG9k

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Its going to be a transitional couple of years, so its been a bit of a bummer. However, DayZ has been huge for me as I've sunk probably a thousand hours into it, and stuff like Sleepy Dawgs and XCOM have been big hit suprises. Even though I thought the singleplayer of Mass Effect 3 was assy, the multiplayer was actually a huge amount of fun. Far Cry 3 might be cool, too. Also, Planetside 2 seems like its gonna be pretty cool once they balance out the "give us money" factor.

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I'm going to have to say the second Resident Evil movie. It was so bad I couldn't get through it. Most awful movies at least I can finish, but that one was unbearable.

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Avengers. It was so nutty and stupid that it took awhile for me to adjust to it before I started enjoying it. Overall I liked it, despite magical pokey heart sticks.