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Street Fighter V would not have been in production right now without Sony picking it up, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Titanfall were being made for everything until Microsoft intervened, and Infinite Undiscovery while silly at first glance is a better title than Rise of the * once you get down to it.

I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that SF5 wouldn't be in production without Sony's help considering that just a few months ago Ono said they were looking into developing the game for PS4 AND Xbox One. Also considering the sheer amount of money Capcom spends on the Capcom Cup and other SF4 tournaments every year it's unlikely they would refuse to bring Street Fighter to the new generation.

The only reason it doesn't piss you off is because Adam Boyes and John Drake work for Sony are are likely the ones most responsible for the exclusive deal.

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Making characters region exclusive is just all kinds of dumb if you want to make a competitive fighting game. North American players are gonna have a very rough time learning the matchup and vice versa for any NA exclusive characters.

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Bloodborne PS4 exclusive: Fuck Yeah SONY!

Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox1 exclusive: Fuck You Microsoft!

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PlayStation Plus memberships are up more than 200% since the launch of PlayStation 4"

Funny how that happens when you make PS+ a requirement for multiplayer games.

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It's more as my lazy man second copy. It might end up inspiring me to do another run as a spell caster though.

That might not be a good idea given that it's apparently an unpatched (and currently unpatchable) version of the game, which means the online features are disabled because it's not the most recent version. Rumor is that From Software didn't want to deal with the strain of having a ton of new players jumping onto their servers playing the first Dark Souls instead of DS2.

I don't know how true that is. Bandai Namco made a statement on their support page saying they're aware of the issue and has notified people that might be able to fix it, but then Bandai Namco isn't From Software and might not be aware of any stipulations that may have been involved.

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I feel like there should have been a mention of how Precursor Games was letting their community do a lot of the work on the game for them according to an episode of Weekend Confirmed a while back. Which sounded super shady to me also.

I'm assuming that's still happening now, even though it's being kickstarted again. This whole thing is just an insane mess.

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the fuck?

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@clonedzero: if there's a flood or storm bad enough to knock out your local server farm then gaming probably should be the least of your concerns.

I'd like to think that if a dev thinks they can make the game better by using the extra servers then they'll make use of them.

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@toowalrus: ps4 has gaikai, don't count them out on cloud stuff if thats what your thinking.

Besides jeff has said all that cloud stuff is just more for server side tech than anything else.

Gaikai isn't at all the same thing that the Xbox One cloud is. Gaikai is On Live. It's streaming Ps3 games to your Ps4.

The Xbox One cloud service is for anything the devs can think to use it for. That could be storage for updates, dedicated servers for multiplayer, or like in Titanfall, it can be used to process elements of gameplay (Titanfall runs all of the AI on the servers).

I'm not sure what you thought "The Cloud" was, but it's always been a term used to describe a server farm that you connect to off site.

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I don't know if I hate DRM more than Pussy-Footed Back Peddling...

Or you know, you could admit that you don't want to like anything they do, and your mind was already made up. They could give their games away for free and you'd Question Their Motives