• WiredFolf posted a message in the forum topic What's your worst ever video game-related purchase? on the General Discussion board.

    Let's see... Only two moments really come to mind as honest regret.First: The Kinect for the 360. I got wrapped up in the hype and bought it shortly after it came out. The only game I thought was act...

  • WiredFolf posted a message on the post E3 2014: Everybody Wants to Rule the World in Assassin's Creed Unity.

    This trailer just seems weird now that Ubisoft confirmed the multiple assassins are all the same main protagonist...

  • WiredFolf posted a message on the post EA Continues to Confirm That Battlefield Hardline Exists.

    I'm certainly interested in this game. I've been a big BF fan and like some others love the outrageous cop/robber action stuff so this could be right up my alley.

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    @theirishcuisine: I wonder how many times CoD can attack America before they take the hint that its lost all of its shock value.I mean wasn't that big *GASP!* moment from all the way back in MW2?