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Dan really likes The Rocky movies, so he might really like Hajime no Ippo.

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I was so incredibly shocked by the news that it still doesn't feel real to me. My first reaction was "what the fuck?" I literally couldn't believe it. Even now I half expect to open the site tomorrow and hear Ryan laughing along with everyone else in the next podcast.

I know he is just some dude I've listened to and watched on the internet, but the positive effect that he had on me is/was real-- its no clearer than it is right now after experiencing something akin to the feeling of loss usually reserved for a friend. The guy is irreplaceable.

Knowing that there won't be another moment where he gets to interact with his friends, coworkers and his audience, knowing that I won't ever get to hear what he thinks about video games and about the life and family that he is leaving behind is all too surreal right now and really gets to me. I give my sincerest condolences. This is seriously devastating. His presence will be dearly missed. R.I.P.

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If EA won't admit or recognize that Medal of Honor: Warfighter was a bad game, then they have learned nothing from Warfighter's commercial/critical failure.

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Given how disappointing Epic Mickey 2's sales were, this is not very surprising. I think it sold 250k at launch vs. the original's 1.5 million (and the sequel was on more platforms, ouch). I guess a lot of people bought into the hype and were burned the first time around and were not willing to give the second one a chance. I can't say I didn't see that coming nor was it undeservedly panned, but its always sad to see a bunch of people lose their jobs in such a competitive, thankless industry.

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@dungbootle said:

Just my two cents, if someone does end up making a visual novel, let's try not to include any aspects based on dating or romance, because then we're heading into the area of Actual Creepiness. Relationship values based on friendship are welcome, though.

Unless there is some kind of lamp shading of romance tropes in visual novels through subtle innuendo (not actual romance) that the giantbomb crew comments on and ridicules. I'd be okay with that.

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@SupernormalStep said:

@wisdumcube: his hair isn't that spikey either. Not trying for a perfect likeness here.

That's true. Also sorry if my comment reads a little harsh. I only intended for it to be constructive, because everyone else is perfect in my opinion. Excellent work all around.

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@SupernormalStep: Looks good except for Drew's chin. His chin doesn't protrude that much.

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We've lost another one. A moment of silence for a once beloved studio, please... Thank you.

Life lesson: never sell out to EA. Never. Ever. Ever.

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@JOSHardson said:

If anyone has any Photoshop challenges for me. I'll take them on. The crazier the better.

I want to see a Brad photobombing recursion, where he photobombs himself photobombing himself an infinite number of times.

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I wonder just how bad Bioware is floundering because of this. don't think EA has touted their numbers since March (for obvious reasons). I would really like to see an estimate. Anyone have any idea what kind user base The Old Republic has now?