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I think Alex is being over-dramatic. Do I think EA is over-saturating the market? Yes, but so is Activision. This is an industry large issue, so the focus of the article shouldn't be on EA alone. As for the outrage over outing Battlefield 4 so early? It's overblown.

Of course there was going to be another Battlefield game next year, and of course EA wouldn't give it a proper announcement, because doing so would cannibalize all the attention that is currently fixed on Medal of Honor Warfighter. The only reason why we officially know about it is because the information about the preorder bonus was accidentally released on origin. This wasn't something EA was originally planning to do so close to Warfighter's announcement. Also, there have been plenty of news stories about EA commenting on releasing Battlefield on 2 year intervals. It is blatant though, I'll give you that, and announcing this later doesn't completely remove the fact that they are rubbing our noses in video game exploitation, but I'm so jaded over modern video games it doesn't even phase me anyore. The real noteworthy thing about this story is that Bad company is probably never going to be revisited.

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I can't believe Jeff has put 40 hours into a game he can't even read.

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These are great! It's amazing how much personality can be conveyed through a couple of pixels.

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I prefer to rate their hilarity in pairs. Jeff and Vinny are the best comedy duo in quick looks. Take one of them out and the tone of conversations don't really lend themselves to prime cut moments like "Big Jeffery".

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"As such, some employees will remain working for Radical Entertainment supporting other existing Activision Publishing projects, but the studio will cease development of its own games going forward."

Sounds like the remnants of Radical Entertainment are going to be assisting on Call of Duty titles (most likely DLC) much like what happened to Raven software. I guess every Activision studio that doesn't maintain a successful IP gets put through the COD meat grinder nowadays.

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Aisha was just as terrible as Tobuscus. Toby not being there would have just introduced more awkward silence in between Aisha's lady boner jokes, and forced enthusiasm. At least we got seething mutual hatred between the hosts instead of just bad scripts being read. If you are going to produce a trainwreck, at least make it the most bombastic insane trainwreck possible.

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No! I so desperately wanted to see the airing of Activision's dirty laundry. Damn you court system!

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@freakin9 said:

I'm surprised people are surprised.

The saddest part is no one really cares that this MMO isn't going to come out. I'm sure it's part of the reason they didn't get any more funding.

The saddest part is that it probably has the most attractive art style out of the WoW competitors out there. It's a shame that all the effort wasn't spent on a different kind of game that would have actually seen a release.

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Oh, that's bad.

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Things aren't looking good.