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Square-Enix makes the weirdest decisions.

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Great job, Jeremy.

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Thanks for pulling into my station Jeff.

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What just happened.

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I have two main points of contention:
1. This cost increase seems completely arbitrary. $50 for p2p seemed expensive but at least you could completely justify it with the basic features that XBL provided on top of that. As far as I know MS is adding absolutely nothing to XBL but they are still raising the price anyway.
2. XBL users cannot opt out of certain services to save money, so if they are trying to justify a more expensive XBL by adding more features, people should be able to drop those features and keep the price the same, or drop everything except multiplayer and make it cheaper. MS is too greedy for that of course.

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Interesting. Well, I might as well try it and design the fantasy character into something he/she will be embarrassed by.

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@Apathylad said:

" @DuhQbnSiLo said: 

Yes and what did Nintendo gives us THIS E3... thats right the same OLD IPs we've been getting for 30 YEARS, yes 30 years. and you want me to praise them for it? Hell no! I'm happy yes, but you want me to say they had the best display of there view for the next gaming year, with sequels of the same IPs we've been playing for 3  centuries? your insane. "

You mean decades. "
That brought up an interesting thought. I can't imagine what gaming is going to be like in a couple hundred years.  Realize how much gaming has changed in the last decade, but multiply that many times over.  Think of the progress of the industry being comparable to the leap from classical music to Rock, but with a dizzying amount of technological advancements aiding in its cultural evolution.