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Yes and what did Nintendo gives us THIS E3... thats right the same OLD IPs we've been getting for 30 YEARS, yes 30 years. and you want me to praise them for it? Hell no! I'm happy yes, but you want me to say they had the best display of there view for the next gaming year, with sequels of the same IPs we've been playing for 3  centuries? your insane. "

You mean decades. "
That brought up an interesting thought. I can't imagine what gaming is going to be like in a couple hundred years.  Realize how much gaming has changed in the last decade, but multiply that many times over.  Think of the progress of the industry being comparable to the leap from classical music to Rock, but with a dizzying amount of technological advancements aiding in its cultural evolution. 
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I think this should have been standalone dlc like Battlefield 1943, unless there is a robust campaign that warrants more than a dlc release.

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@Cube: That's a bit unfair to say. Everyone at Bungie is already getting paid more than an acceptable living wage. They didn't have to sign any contract with Activision, and they still would have still been set for life (or until the industry crashes). The video game business is not a passionless money grind for developers. You can enjoy making  video games without being paid an exorbitant amount of money.  There is such a thing as artistic integrity, and artistic freedom. They've sacrificed some of that for a little bit of financial insurance, after they tried so hard to get away from the iron grip of Microsoft, I might add. They may own the new IP, but they are locked into this contract for the next 10 years, and are going to be filling the coffers of the worst publisher in the industry.
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" Why Activision? Just.... Why? "
Maybe because they offered them the best deal? ?? ??? ??? ??  ??! "
I gotta say: I thought Bungie wasn't in it for the money. Isn't that why they bought a majority stake in their own company, and gained independence from Microsoft? Ah well, I guess everyone has their price, I just hope Bungie sold out for a lot.
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Why Activision? Just.... Why?

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Finally the rhythm genre moves forward!

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Goddamn it Activision: stop being so greedy. You are going to kill the videogame industry. Stop flooding the market with a million iterations of the same franchise! You should have learned your lesson from Guitar Hero.

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 My hatred for mainstream pop artists are eclipsed by my hatred of the evil corporate monster that is Activision.

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War perfected. Combat Evolved. Hmmm... Nope, they aren't trying to be Halo at all. :P

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There is no coherent explanation for what I just watched. It defies the English language.