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Getting this issue, both in Firefox and IE.

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Is the lastest Bombcast not in the premium RSS feed because the normal version has no ads? It would be nice if people who prefer not to have ads can subscribe to a single RSS feed in their players and still get all the Bombcasts.

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Did anyone else notice the final boss music was the music GB used to use for TNT?

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Ryu looks more roided up with each new game.

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The new version is coming out on PC as well. No word on what the upgrade path will be (if there even is one).

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That's actually in reference to something. I think someone wrote something bitching about one of Dan's reviews and called him a failed musician, but Dan's not a musician. The guy looked up his name and apparently found another Dan Ryckert who was a musician or something.

EDIT: It was the director of that terrible "Noobz" movie. He didn't like Dan's review of it and called him a "failed musician" on twitter.

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In a toaster of course:

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Troy Baker still voiced Kanji in the first season of the anime. Matt Mercer did the second season because Troy was on his honeymoon at the time.

Kinda bummed about this news. Troy Baker is amazing as Kanji, and while her "pretending to be a boy" voice wasn't very convincing I thought whoever voiced Naoto did a great job.