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That's actually in reference to something. I think someone wrote something bitching about one of Dan's reviews and called him a failed musician, but Dan's not a musician. The guy looked up his name and apparently found another Dan Ryckert who was a musician or something.

EDIT: It was the director of that terrible "Noobz" movie. He didn't like Dan's review of it and called him a "failed musician" on twitter.

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In a toaster of course:

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Troy Baker still voiced Kanji in the first season of the anime. Matt Mercer did the second season because Troy was on his honeymoon at the time.

Kinda bummed about this news. Troy Baker is amazing as Kanji, and while her "pretending to be a boy" voice wasn't very convincing I thought whoever voiced Naoto did a great job.

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His twitter pic says otherwise, or trolling.

He's clearly trolling:

First piece for the new gig is called "Swinging Locks." I'm giving the animator who gave life to Dixie Kong's ponytail his 27,000 word due.

Next up is "Switching Gear." Were frequent users of AKI Man in WCW/NWO Revenge more prone to developing latex fetishes later in life?

That one is 56,000 words and features seven embedded videos with the same production budget as Avatar 2.

Looking forward to publishing my 14-part series about how Wolfenstein: The New Order taught me to live and love.

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Does anyone know where I can get faintstone? I have at least one of every type of stone except that one.

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Doing all the insurance fraud activities first to get the no ragdoll from explosions upgrade (requires at least all silver medals I think) really helps a lot.

It also helps to back up a little once you activate the current of targets so you don't get blindsighted as much.

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They removed the Shaundi loyalty mission. It apparently revolved around the Saints Row 2 version of Shaundi (so not surprising it involved drugs). Sucks for any Australians who are fans of SR2 Shaundi.

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According to IdolNinja, Sumalee Montano's voice is a southern accent. The African American female voice you hear in that video is likely the male voice pitched up. Saints Row 4 lets you adjust the pitch of the voice you pick.

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Made a mistake when adding him, Tom Thomerson should be Tim Thomerson.