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The Boss needs The President as an alias.

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Oh shit! That's the guy from The Cape!

What are you talking about? Keith David wasn't in The Cape.

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With the English voices you can play a fun drinking game where you drink every time you hear Steve Blum.

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SR3 was fun because it adopted the GTA 4 vibe

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thats great but why has he only seen behind the scene footage of saints row 4 and not the bigger sites. you would think they would show ign or game informer the game to have the mainstream press ? also he does kinda look like the saints row hype guy. i just typed his name in google and he is hyping the game like theres no tomorrow :/

Who says they haven't? I'm sure they have and will post full previews about what they saw after an embargo lift in the future.

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IdolNinja (of Gentlemen of the Row fame) got to hang out at Volition and got an extended behind the scenes look at the game and came away very positive about it. He can't talk too much about what he's seen yet, but what he has talked about so far is very reassuring. Some choice quotes from his Something Awful forum posts:

One of the biggest issues I had with SRTT was that the storytelling felt disjointed and very much like a slapdash rush job. It was especially disappointing to me since SR2 had such a fantastic story with lots of great connective tissue and character beats in the cutscenes and interstitial dialogue.

While I can't divulge any details, I will say that SRIV feels much more like SR2 with a fully fleshed out and well told story. I really wish I could say more...

One other thing... In no way did SRIV feel like DLC, or a rush job, or a cash grab, or anything like people are saying. It honestly feels like a full fledged sequel with a meaty campaign and a ton of extra open world content.

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Vera Moray should be renamed to Granny Rags and Vera Moray kept as her real name and as an alias.