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Is it me or do those battles look like they're taking way too long, even the ones with smaller monsters?   At least there aren't random encounters (right?).

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GiantBomb should do a Mass Effect trilogy Endurance Run.

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Got mine last weekend.  Was much easier to S-Rank this game than the original, though Insanity in ME2 was way more challenging than ME1.

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I think adding armor to the husks was a real dick move.  But I was finally able beat it (and get my S-rank).  Never again though, I'll just stick to Veteran from now on.

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Do you have your class skill maxed out?  Did you pick the one that gives you +100% Paragon/Renegade bonus?  If not and you have plenty of Eezo you can try redistributing your squad points and pick that, then try talking to Miranda.  Then you could spend more Eezo to put your character back to the way it was if you want.

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He seems to have outdated info a lot of the time.   A little while back, right before the Christmas break actually he made a post on the official forums talking about the import feature of the game and said you could only pick from the first 11 completion saves to import.   This had quite a lot of people freaking out and it wasn't until the break was over that he was able to confirm with a developer that this was no longer the case and there's no limit to the number of saves you're able to choose from.

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I didn't realize robots had so much blood.

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The best part about that latest video IMO is you can briefly see Garrus as part of the squad.

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I would love an XBLA version of Abuse, with Shadow Complex style dual stick control.

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Game looks kinda boring.  On the other hand, that is a sweet horn.