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Yeah, I just ran into this problem as well. Pretty annoying.

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I love that Shepard is basically Grunt's mother/father figure:

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Looks like the bug wiping out game credits when you edit person pages is fixed. Will all the people who had their credits wiped out be able to easily get that undone (by a mod perhaps) or will they have to be re-added manually?

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Something definitely seems off with the person editing. I recently noticed that all of Richard Epcar's game credits was deleted by cwf123. Suspecting possible vandalism I looked at his history and he's also deleted all the game credits for Kirk Thornton, Troy Baker, Jeff Glenn Bennett, and Keith Szarabajka. Looking at the edits it looks like a bug rather than vandalism since the mass deletions were accompanied by normal edits.

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@believer258 said:

...for a video game.

It still looked pretty weird when they were suddenly decided to start doin' the deed in some bloody ancient ruins.

That pool might have dirt and dead bugs and worms in it.

And then Letho later dries to drown you in the same pool.