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I hated Final Fantasy Tactics' whole grid-based combat system, one of the reasons why I've stayed away from the Disgaea series, though I might check out Disgaea DS.

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mordecaix7 said:
"Well I'm not much of a fan of random battle rpgs, but if you haven't played Lost Odyssey (X360) that's a good one to get.  Besides Tales of Vesperia, it's pretty much the best RPG on 360.  Otherwise, you could go back and rock out some Final Fantasy 7-9."
Tales of Vesperia and Lost Odyssey are on my list of games to get after the deluge of other games that are coming out this year. Plus Vesperia doesn't come out here in Europe until early 2009. I'm in the process of getting all the FF games that I haven't already played.
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Reminiscing about FFX has put me in the mood to sink another huge chunk of my life into an RPG. I have a long list of JRPGs that I want to get once I hook up my PS2 again, but I was wondering if there are any decent turn based RPGs for the PC, PSX or DS that I could get in the mean time. I'm looking for the type of RPGs that have random battle encounters and let you run in circles, fighting battle after battle, levelling up your character, while keeping one eye on whatever's on TV.  I'd ask for games for the 360 as well, but one, there aren't many, and two, there are way too many action-y games I want get before the year's over.

On a side not, why aren't there many sprite based RPGs anymore? Apart from Disgaea and the Tales games there aren't many games with lush cartoony goodness, especially now that sprites look so great in HD.

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To be honest, the thing about the story that irritates me the most isn't the fact that she ends up being a singer, I mean what else is a moderately attractive girl with no discernible talents supposed to do with her free time, but it's the whole idea of someone coming back from the dead just because they dislike the state that the world has got in to, so they can destroy it and start again. I mean forget about cliché, that's just plain retarded.

I wouldn't mind seeing square implement the sphere/costume system in some of their future games, maybe even in conjunction with the sphere grid from FFX.

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DualReaver said:
"It made a mockery of my favourite game's storyline. And heads up, you get to watch a scene where Yuna and Tidus are reunited if you beat it 100%."

The 'secret ending' is just fan service for people who enjoyed the relationship between Yuna and Tidus in FFX, and, to me at least, is just a little bit of bonus content and isn't supposed to factor into the game proper. Though, admittedly, anyone who’s enough of a fan to get 100% complete in FFX-2 would have preferred to preserve the ending of the first game. I'll put that down to poor judgement on the part of the developers.

It didn’t make a mockery of anything. Considering that it’s set in the same world and features many of the same characters, there’s surprisingly little reference to the events of FFX. Take away a couple of flashbacks and internal monologues from Yuna and it’s a separate game.

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Now granted, the game wasn't great. The story was stupid and it was way too camp for its own good, but it's not as terrible as people say. Technically it was fine, it looked just as great as Final Fantasy X and it played alright, I even liked how it compensated for the low number of playable characters with the whole 'costume' system, and part of me even preferred it because it meant you didn't feel obligated to level up seven different characters in case the story split your party up at some point and forced you to play with characters that you don't usually use.

People who say that the game ruins the ending of the first game don't know what they're talking about. If you've played X-2 all the way to the end you'll realise that the game doesn't spoil, contradict or alter anything in Final Fantasy X's story. There's no Tidus, there's no Sin, there's no Yu Yevon, in fact the only slight discrepancy is that there are Aeons even though the Fayth have left. All Final Fantasy X-2 does is suggest that there is life after the events of FFX, whether the continuation of Yuna's life needs to be told is, well, another argument, but since nothing in FFX-2 has any bearing on the story of the previous game, and in fact has no bearing on much of anything since the antagonist in the game is ridiculous and the game ends with the characters being in the exact same state as they were in the beginning, I don't think it deserves all the hate that it's been getting. The game's not that bad, it may suffer from a poor story, but the game play, visuals and to some extent, characters, are enough to deem it an 'okay' game.

Does the story suck? Yes.
Is the game bad? No.
Does the game defile its predecessor? Hell no.

I agree, to some extent, with the people who think this game should have never been made, but only in the sense that FFX was a great game and didn't need anything added to it, and even though a 'sequel' exists I still think of it as being a singular, complete game. FFX-2 gains nothing from being set in Spira and having Yuna and Rikku as returning characters, and if the developers had set it in a different world and had thrown in some original characters I think it would have been a fine game. It still wouldn't have been as good as FFX, but it'd be a decent RPG without any of the baggage and hate.

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The Acer that I linked has an 8600 gt. And customizing any of Dell's xps' always comes out way too expensive.

I'm glad to know that the 8600 gt will do a good enough job.

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Yeah but sadly Gateway don't sell outside of the US.

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I'm not looking for a laptop that can play games at max, just one that can deal with medium settings.

If anyone has any links to cheaper/better laptops I'd be really grateful.

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Jayge said:
"Both are terrible options, really :-/"

Would you happen to have any better suggestions then?
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