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@jesus_phish: I've only seen them play once but two of them both put in 50 bucks each and bought this huge box of booster packs and just started tearing boosters packs open and started making a deck from the cards they liked I guess.

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Whatever you do, DO NOT START PLAYING MAGIC THE GATHERING. It is a horrible, horrible moneysucking leech.

New 3DS is probably a good investment.

But the art for Magic the Gathering cards are so cool!!!!!

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The Minish Cap is so good!!!! It's lonely being at the 1% who think that the Minish Cap is their favorite Zelda game.

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@renegademike: Who on Giant Bomb forums do you consider a bigot? Too me this seem like a passive aggressive attack on someone who may have had disagreement with you.

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I hope Spotify comes the Xbox One... I love Spotify

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Minecraft, Civ V, CoD 4, Viva Pinata, and Earthbound seem to do the trick.

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You might be able to earn a few hundred mowing lawns for rich people but 2 grand!?!?! That's a tall order!

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That Com Truise ep was pretty good.

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Started playing Earthbound on the snes and it fucking rocks! I also played some CoD 4 a bunch this year too.