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My dad plays a bunch of f2p games such as War Thunder and WoT with the occasional game of CoD or BF4. My mom on the other hand is proud of saying that Q'Bert was the last video game she ever played.

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I'm just glad I'm not the only one who drinks malt liquor.

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A bombcast on my birthday?!?!? This hasnt happened since I was in highschool.

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So I'm playing it on the Xbone and I really like it. I think the shooting is very reminiscent of CoD's style of gunplay and beside the the parkour bits the movements are largely the same as you would find in any other CoD games. Titan combat is good/okay at times though I think it's because I'm not used to the control scheme and that's why it isn't clicking. the guns are a little weak I found against human players but I quickly fixed that by equiping the shotgun as my primary.

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I'm really hoping it's Titanfall. Titans are for lovers.

This and if I cant can't get in I'll find all my single friends, buy a cube of piss water and have a Civ V or Rome 2 lan party.

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@cloudymusic: Ya, we can a bit fanatical with fry sauce haha.

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So duders, where is best place in your city, town, state, country to get french fries? Mine would Arctic Circle "Yukon gold Fries". These bad boys are always super hot and super crispy and you cant go wrong with dunking them in some tasty fry sauce. Arctic Circle can be found across the SLC valley and some in Utah valley as well.

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@joshwent: I do remember and miss TNT alot.

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So I've been off and on the Giant Bomb forums for a good year or so and I've been noticing a recurring sentiment within some of the forumgoers of this site lately. That sentiment would be that "multiplayer is bad!" or "multiplayer shoehorned in" etc etc. There is an air of smugness and superiority when one chimes in on a discussion about a game designed around multiplayer saying well "I have no interest playing a game with little to no single player content/ I only play single player games and I will be playing (insert single player game soon to be released)". Good for you duder!!!! Do you realize how pretentious you sound?? End rant So, whats wrong with multiplayer being in games?

Edit: Holy shit I did not realize how many threads there are pertaining to this topic.

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