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I recently found my dad's old board games and one of the was Squad Leader and holy shit is that game tactical! It's a 4th ed. made around 1981-1982 and it has the original pieces and all the booklets and postcards for play by mail. Some of friends of mine have joined me in games and it's a really deep tactical experince. Think company of heros but dices rolls, sewers, and verticallty. I was wonder if any of you guys have any suggestions to any type of board game.

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Pizza rolls, MUTHA FUCKIN BAGEL BITES, shrimp cocktail, chili cheese fries, hot wings, heavy pasta dishes, and all the beer/mix drinks i normally drink ( includes malt liquor, various ipa's, hefenweiser, and the good old maker's mark with orange or grape soda).

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@sterling said:

No. Because I am not a "nerd".

Nerd??? Where did you come up with the notion that drinking 40's was a thing that only nerds do?

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@mordukai said:

I have a friend who mixes his with orange juice. Drank it once, have to admit, it wasn't that bad.

You my friend had a brass monkey

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On this week's podcast and also previous podcast the bombsquad has shown either a great liking or dislike for premium malt liqour. I was wondering if you guys drink 40's and if so what brands do you drink and what drinking games do you play. I myself played power hour with four other friends and 8 bottles of Olde E High Gravity and boy was that was a hell of a night.

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Draper, UT, USA

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My dad plays a bunch of f2p games such as War Thunder and WoT with the occasional game of CoD or BF4. My mom on the other hand is proud of saying that Q'Bert was the last video game she ever played.

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I'm just glad I'm not the only one who drinks malt liquor.

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A bombcast on my birthday?!?!? This hasnt happened since I was in highschool.

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So I'm playing it on the Xbone and I really like it. I think the shooting is very reminiscent of CoD's style of gunplay and beside the the parkour bits the movements are largely the same as you would find in any other CoD games. Titan combat is good/okay at times though I think it's because I'm not used to the control scheme and that's why it isn't clicking. the guns are a little weak I found against human players but I quickly fixed that by equiping the shotgun as my primary.