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The Minish Cap is so good!!!! It's lonely being at the 1% who think that the Minish Cap is their favorite Zelda game.

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@renegademike: Who on Giant Bomb forums do you consider a bigot? Too me this seem like a passive aggressive attack on someone who may have had disagreement with you.

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I hope Spotify comes the Xbox One... I love Spotify

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Minecraft, Civ V, CoD 4, Viva Pinata, and Earthbound seem to do the trick.

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You might be able to earn a few hundred mowing lawns for rich people but 2 grand!?!?! That's a tall order!

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That Com Truise ep was pretty good.

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Started playing Earthbound on the snes and it fucking rocks! I also played some CoD 4 a bunch this year too.

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Rare. I mean, their talent isn't wasted-wasted, it's just wasted on ALL OF YOU!!! And because of YOU I'll never get to play Viva PInata 3.

Omg I have dreams in which copies of Viva Pinata 1 and 2 are as valuable as a few pounds of gold because Rare is now disfunct and none of you "gamers" bought it.

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I recently found my dad's old board games and one of the was Squad Leader and holy shit is that game tactical! It's a 4th ed. made around 1981-1982 and it has the original pieces and all the booklets and postcards for play by mail. Some of friends of mine have joined me in games and it's a really deep tactical experince. Think company of heros but dices rolls, sewers, and verticallty. I was wonder if any of you guys have any suggestions to any type of board game.